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along with the rain.

it’s been raining the past few days and the temperature dropped instantly within the first hour of rain so i still don’t quite feel spring in the air just yet, but the flowers are all starting the bloom! i took some photos this morning when i went grocery shopping in the rain 🙂

recently, there have been many weird arashi related coincidences in my classes… i never realized watching arashi would let me learn so much >w<

1. hana ichi monme was mentioned in my haiku class and i actually could sing the song =w= thank you shukudai-kun!

2. the phrase tenki ame (meaning “rain on a sunny/fine day”) was also mentioned in my haiku class… thank you marathon!

3. the word samidare (meaning “early summer rain”) in literature class >w< thank you nino!

4. the kanji for appeared in one of the haiku we were studying >w< one of the rare times i knew the reading of a kanji compared to my friends who were better at it, without looking it up on my electronic dictionary… thank you shochan!

… i can’t remember the rest but there were definitely a lot of arashi-related coincidences in my classes this week!

in other news, more misfortune has fallen upon my laptop 😦 the screen has gone all crazy and i’m beginning to feel like buying a new one, but that would mean a japanese one, with its funky japanese keyboard and weird settings… i should probably go fix it, along with the malfunctioning keys on my keyboard… but i keep worrying about how much it would cost and how long it would take >o<;; i hate electronical problems!


finally, the last day of the semester! as of today, i’m finally done with my classes… time for SPRING VACATION!!!

my core class for this semester 🙂

the vibrant gingko leaves have all fallen and withered, and now all that’s left are all dry, crackly branches. winter is here. i wish it would snow though 😦

tsubaki, or the japonica.

more presents! cute snacks from my pronunciation class teacher, and a certificate for outstanding participation (or something of the sort). i got a bottle of roasted barley tea too lol

pronunciation class group photo! sensei is beside me haha! she’s really cute >w< i like all her dresses

a failed group shot after the end of grammar class haha

so in the end we had another classmate take it for us >w< meimei from singapore, naru from thailand and of course, sophia from india!!!

finally, YOKOHAMA!!!

okay i’m feeling really cheated right now, because this does not feel like winter at all. i have no reason at all to wear my coat (other than to be fashionable) so i’m STILL wearing my parka. don’t get me wrong, i love my parkas, but i was actually looking forward to the winter cold…

another class ended today. i love this class a lot – our teacher is a korean man who teaches the most boring subject in the most fun way =w= i look forward to attending more of his classes in spring! can you spot him in the photo??

everyone got a present from the teacher in our drama class >w< it tastes like hato sabure, only it’s not shaped like it.

i like japanese universities ♥

it was the last day for one of my japanese classes today so we took a photo! that’s our sensei with the light blue scarf hahah! =w= after we took this i realized that this angle makes me look somewhat distorted! hmm…

after that i went to shinjuku to reserve a limited edition copy of the new single, troublemaker! which is only going to be released on 3/3. why so far away?! there had better be a new album in the making, because new album = tour = concert. i just hope it starts before i leave. i will get tickets and go, no matter where it is. i’m that sad 😦

the dvd for nino‘s drama special, 天国で君に逢えたら tengoku de kimi ni aetara ~tears in heaven~ is going to be released on 3/3 as well!

i can see the workers at tower records being all confused about preorders for the new single. he must thinking that i’m some sort of lunatic, because news about the new single was just released this morning! =w= they have not even prepared the printed preorder forms so i wrote mine in hahah!

it’s exam season now in japan, with junior high school students and high school students taking entrance exams to enter their desired high school and universities. and along with that, various confectionery companies have come up with limited edition snacks and sweets – most of which involves make use of japanese puns to rename the snacks into more “lucky” versions of the original name.

calpis candy. they’ve added the letter “u” in front the word “calpis.” in japanese, the word “calpis” is written as “カルピス karupisu” and by adding the letter “u,” it becomes “ukarupisu” – in japanese, “ukaru 受かる” means “to pass (an exam).”

caramel corn. you can see that they’ve renamed it “canael corn” instead. the word “canael” is written as “カナエル kanaeru,” which sounds the same as the word “叶える kanaeru,” which means “to come true.” they’ve also changed the packaging to a beckoning cat, to beckon luck for exams ^^

pocky. a new tag line for this season – they’ve played around with the words “ポッキ pokki” by turning it around into “キッポ kippo” – a play on the words “吉報 kippou” meaning “good news.”

another play on the word “受かる ukaru” XD i like how they’ve made the packaging to look like an amulet from the shrine hahah!

kit kat! in japanese, it’s pronounced as “kitto katto,” and a lot of japanese students eat this because it sounds like “きっと勝つ kitto katsu” which means “definite win” XD

koala no march. they’ve made a limited edition version with images of koalas studying on the biscuits, with the tagline, “even if they sleep, they will never fall off trees.” the reason why this works is because the japanese word for fall, “落ちる ochiru” also means “to fail (exams)” :p

toppo. they’ve renamed it to “トッパ toppa,” which has a similar pronounciation to the word “突破 toppa,” which means “breaking through (difficulties)”

we ate some of them together after class ended =w= i am unceasingly amazed by japanese marketing… this probably only works in japan because the japanese LOVE things that are limited. they love brand names too but that’s another matter altogether…

i got this from isaac, who’s in a few of my classes =3

senbei, or rice crackers. only japan can make rice crackers cute =w=

today after my standard japanese class, we had an end-of-the-semester lunch with our teachers. free meals are awesome hahah!

hamburger and croquette lunch set for everyone! sensei made the appointment for 11:30am so we ended class early and walked to the restaurant. i can’t help but think of nino when i saw this :p

another shot. i can never take enough photos of food =w=

part of my class. serena from finland, ten and hon from china

our long, long table ^^ you can see a bit of one of my teachers hahah!

yabane motif on the plates ♥

thanks for the food >w< i am not a big fan of hamburgers but it was delicious (and free)

it’s back to school after two weeks of relaxation and no classes… i don’t have the motivation to go to class at all =w= what with the wind being so cold outside and me feeling lethargic and sleepy all the time…

all the new year postcards i’ve received. and yes, that’s a new year postcard with ohchan on it! >w< (it’s from the japanese woman i met during the concert)

on the way from my dorm to uni, there are cute tokujou kabachi posters with sho-chan on them >w< i can't wait! and posters for yamato nadeshiko shichihenge as well! i don’t like kame and tegoshi all that much but i loved the manga a lot so… i’m looking forward to it!


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