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yesterday i went to the pc fair at klcc convention centre and after swimming through the massive human sea, i emerged victorious from kinokuniya with 3 new books :

gordon ramsay’s humble pie
first volume of kobato
nada sou sou novel

today i went out again, this time to midvalley first (brother & co. wanted to have a look at the education fair), then hopped onto the train to klcc =D teddy’s sister and i went to look around in klcc while the boys go fight over their tech goodies. i went to isetan (bad move) and saw something i couldn’t resist D: despite thinking for a long time and looking at the amount (or lack of) money in my purse, i gave in and bought it anyway. “there’s a use for it! you can use it the whole year round! it’s something useful… buy it buy it buyit buyitbuyitbuyit…” the devil within me insisted.

and as you can see from the photo, we went to the galeri petronas to have a look at the portrait exhibition that was on at the time. there is a really scary room there. it’s deep in (you have to walk forward quite a bit, like walking into a tunnel but not so), black with only one spot light and it’s creepy!

can you see it?

here, a close up of the devil’s child.

oh wow look it’s worth 5 rilakkuma points! according to my friend, if you collect about 20 or so points you can redeem a limited edition rilakkuma mug or something of the sort from lawson’s. i shall bring this sticker to japan with me!

had creme brulee for lunch today 🙂 it’s yummy.


my dad finally came back from out of town and i got my money to buy this! at long last! haven’t started on it yet because teddy made me SWEAR not to get started on it until we’ve finished watching the latest episode of house md. according to him, once i start reading it i shan’t love him anymore XD or something to that effect.

have bought 3 more cards because i didn’t have enough of them the last time i bought them. i will probably be sending them out by this weekend 🙂 i’m kind of broke right now so to those who don’t get any cards from me, no hard feelings, ‘kay? 😦

i’ve also registered for my courses for the following semester :
– japanese civilization
– japanese language variation (dialects, geographical influences, etc. = KANSAI-BEN <3)
– japanese morphology
– japanese literature
– french 1A (finally)
– language & gender
– semantics
– world languages
– professional ethics (compulsory course wtf)

= a whopping NINE courses. there’s no exam for professional ethics so i have “only” 8 papers this upcoming semester ‘_’ *dry voice* how wonderful.

have YOU written your christmas cards yet? 🙂


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