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♪ お誕生日おめでとう!♪
happy 27th birthday to
♥♥♥ 二宮和也 ninomiya kazunari ♥♥♥

i love how happy you truly look whenever you’re together with the rest of them, especially when you’re on the stage in concerts!

🙂 this year’s birthday cake!

i can’t believe it’s been one year since i last celebrated! time really flies!

i wanted to get something yellow but the only one they had in yellow was orange-flavoured, and i’m not too fond of orange >o<;; this one had lemon jelly on top though, so it's somehow yellow? :p

i’ve given up on trying to write about how much i love you D: it’s just impossible to put into words…

so i’ll just let the photos do the talking :p

i’m praying for your good health, success and happiness! ♥ i hope you get a lot of love and rest for your birthday!!! ♥


today marks the day 櫻井翔 sakurai sho from arashi turns 28!
happy birthday sho-chan!!!

you took the longest to earn a place in my heart, and now that you’re here, i can’t imagine how i ever thought you were boring! i love the gap between your “intelligent, clear-headed newscaster who graduated from keio university” image, and your “cowardly, athletically-challenged boke” image! and who can ever forget your drawings?! >w< every time i look at them i feel all happy inside hahah! a lot of people might say that they can't really catch what you're saying when you rap, but i am in love with your rap in still…, subarashiki sekai and of course, 5×10. your voice might not be the best in arashi, but your responsible, gentle and caring way of taking care of the members ensures the group stay in line.

banana cake :3 raspberries remind me of sho-chan!

the prince of arashi, with a dazzling smile and perfect manners!

continue being the lovable and dorky, slightly prone to bullying, elder brother of arashi!

happy birthday, aiba-chan!!!

every time i look at you, i can’t help but smile! your happiness is infectious – whenever i feel down all i have to do is listen to your laughter, the corner of your eyes crinkling up, and i always feel like the world is a brighter place. the gap between your childlike innocence and naivety, as well as the humorously lewd side of you, is too amazing!!! the way you dance during concerts, with your long, graceful limbs, that exudes sensuality that even you don’t notice. the way your voice sounds all husky and soft, with a touch of hesitance, when you sing (especially in snowflake!). you have not changed one bit since your debut 10 years ago, and i wish you would never, ever change.

really great timing, because since it’s christmas eve the selection of cakes are cuter than usual

the brightest smile in the world

thank YOU for making my day, every day.

once again, i’m sorry for not being able to celebrate your birthday with you. i have actually planned to make it an awesome one for you this year, but then again, i’m here in japan.

among the three of us, you seem to be the one with the least words, but in reality, you are the one who can never fail to make me laugh at the silliest things. i don’t remember how i met you, had my first conversation with you, or got to be such good friends with you, but i’m glad we did, for my university years would not have been so memorable. you often call yourself the negative one in the group, and although i don’t deny it, i find that small spark of happiness and childlike innocence in you that makes you, you. i’m proud of being called the positive one in the group, for then i can be there for you whenever you need a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on or a (bad) navigator who points you the the wrong direction when we attempt to drive somewhere with absolutely zero knowledge of where north is. you were the one who listened to me whine about how i hate walking up the hill to uni every morning even though you were the one with high heels, and you were the one who dropped me off at college when you started driving to uni. you were the one who MADE me positive, because you were negative.

i love how strongly you hold onto your beliefs, and how much you love your dreams no matter what people say. our time spent in japan, as i mentioned before during neh’s birthday, is still the best memory i will ever have in my life with you two. i will never forget the places we went, the things we laughed at, the feelings we had. the yearning i feel for us to be together in japan once more in the future, is so strong that it hurts enough to make me cry. i know how you’re not the most touchy-feely person, that you’re not someone who gets close to anyone easily because you always have your defenses up, and to be able to get that sort of trust and affection for you, you have to EARN it. and i hope i earned it.

thanks for the wonderful memories. i am looking forward to making more memories with both of you, and i hope that even after i came to japan, we’ll still be as close. and i hope that we’ll continue making memories, just the three of us. let’s not let time be our enemy, for when we’re together, time seems to go by without us realizing it. let’s eat ramen in japan together again, someday. i love you guys ♥

happy birthday, vivi.

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🙂 today it’s the birthday of someone special! ♥

the best dancer amongst his group members, with vocals that can’t be surpassed by anyone else! not only is he good at acting, he’s also quite the artist! the sexiest hands i’ve ever seen, and the cutest expressions at any given time!

大野智 ohno satoshi

a very happy birthday to arashi‘s leader, ♥ oh-chan ♥, who turns 29 today!!

i’m really glad to be an arashi fan! because of you, who leads the group without actually leading the group. because of you, who is able to eat anything given to you and then proclaim it as delicious. because of you, who cried for the first time in a concert after 10 years. because of you, who daydream so much that you forget to speak in a tv program recording.

i’m glad he’s the leader! may he catch some maguro soon, and that his lifelong dream of opening his own bakery can come true!



he’s shown magnificient growth over the years and i hope that he continues to prosper ♥ i wish he would grow his hair out though, he looked really good in maou!

i got a really awesome surprise for my birthday this year, thanks to teddy for helping the nehs plan it, and to my friends from uni who participated ❤ i can't believe how predictable i am… but that just goes to show how much they understand me!

finally i get to try some cuppacakes!

my birthday cake ❤ i love love love it!!!

everyone who participated in the suprise! 😀

a close up of the adorable cupcakes ❤

N E H !

present from the orangutan gang 🙂 i love the box! i’ll bring it to japan ❤

this was written on the back of the box cover XD how cute! judging from the handwriting and ladybugs it should be vivi who wrote it?

i got a new mr. men water bottle from teddy ❤ i lost the one he bought for me previously ;_; where could it be?

the birthday cake i had at home! i actually prefer smaller, bite-sized stuff like the cupcakes compared to a whole cake lol

i’m really happy to have had such an amazing birthday this year. being the one who usually plan surprises for other people, it was great to finally have a surprise planned for me as well. half the fun is actually planning it and sneaking around, and the other half would be seeing the person’s reaction! did i give a satisfactory reaction? *laughs* this would be a really good memory to hold on to since i’ll be leaving for japan next sunday (9/6) and wouldn’t be able to be with everyone for almost one year. it’s kind of lonely to graduate without my classmates but i’m really looking forward to my time in japan! i had 3 birthday cakes this year, so i had the opportunity to make 3 wishes. i made the same wish for every cake, and i hope that it can really come true! ❤ it might be a selfish wish, and not that much of a life-changing one, but i do hope it comes true! ❤ in any case, thank you everyone!

they forgot the sprig of mint leaves on top of the chocolate gateux but oh well 🙂 happy birthday nino!

yes we went out to celebrate the birthday of someone we don’t know and will probably never get to know (it’s still better than celebrating the birthday of someone 2-D or nonexistant lol)

before having the birthday cake we went to ume tei in subang for dinner >w<

teddy’s mixed korokke bento

close-up of the awesome cream korokke ❤

i ordered kitsune udon. i miss the kitsune udon in the kansai center T_T augh…


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