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22nd birthday

Posted on: August 27, 2009

i got a really awesome surprise for my birthday this year, thanks to teddy for helping the nehs plan it, and to my friends from uni who participated ❤ i can't believe how predictable i am… but that just goes to show how much they understand me!

finally i get to try some cuppacakes!

my birthday cake ❤ i love love love it!!!

everyone who participated in the suprise! 😀

a close up of the adorable cupcakes ❤

N E H !

present from the orangutan gang 🙂 i love the box! i’ll bring it to japan ❤

this was written on the back of the box cover XD how cute! judging from the handwriting and ladybugs it should be vivi who wrote it?

i got a new mr. men water bottle from teddy ❤ i lost the one he bought for me previously ;_; where could it be?

the birthday cake i had at home! i actually prefer smaller, bite-sized stuff like the cupcakes compared to a whole cake lol

i’m really happy to have had such an amazing birthday this year. being the one who usually plan surprises for other people, it was great to finally have a surprise planned for me as well. half the fun is actually planning it and sneaking around, and the other half would be seeing the person’s reaction! did i give a satisfactory reaction? *laughs* this would be a really good memory to hold on to since i’ll be leaving for japan next sunday (9/6) and wouldn’t be able to be with everyone for almost one year. it’s kind of lonely to graduate without my classmates but i’m really looking forward to my time in japan! i had 3 birthday cakes this year, so i had the opportunity to make 3 wishes. i made the same wish for every cake, and i hope that it can really come true! ❤ it might be a selfish wish, and not that much of a life-changing one, but i do hope it comes true! ❤ in any case, thank you everyone!


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