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i tried cooking bakuteh for dinner just now >w< thanks to the herbs from my beloved nehs that i received in the box of love a few months ago, it was easy… just a matter of buying the raw ingredients! i went to the supermarket twice because i forgot to get the garlic 😦 why? because :

a) i didn’t think it would actually be necessary, until neh pointed out that it’s a must-have in bakuteh (i still can’t taste it though, neh!)
b) i was not sure how garlic looks like =w= i’ve always thought it was called an onion! it looks like one! *defensive mode*
c) i couldn’t remember the japanese name for garlic… (it’s ninniku by the way -w-)

by the way, garlic is expensive in japan. i feel betrayed, paying 298円 for ONE garlic. that’s almost RM12 for ONE measly garlic! why is this!? do the japanese not use garlic in their cooking?! *kicks the nearest non-existant(1) trashcan*

before i started. you can see the retardedly expensive garlic, all nicely packed plastic

waited for it to cook for 30 minutes…

ta-da! not bad for a first-timer

i miss original klang bakuteh! but i think something is wrong with my body now haha, it’s reacting badly to the food. probably due to the extreme shock of chinese herbs after more than 3 months of light japanese food =w= i wonder what will happen if i eat nasi lemak now…

note : (1) japan has no trashcans on the streets. ever.


yesterday i received emails from kao-chan, the girl who was closest to me during the school visit ^o^ we held hands while we walked down the hill when i was leaving!

i’m really touched by her messages ;w; i want to see her again! in the message above she says “ちーちゃん大好き ♥” (“chi-chan, i love you”)

wednesdays are bento days because i have classes back to back so i don’t have enough time to come back to my room to cook lunch

my lunch yesterday

i received a postcard from yousuke-kun yesterday too!

i woke up this morning to the freezing cold and went downstairs to the kitchen to prepare some breakfast (hotcakes with maple syrup and butter ftw) and spotted this on the table

and this is why i love my dorm despite it being old, and the fact that nobody knows where it is, unless we tell them it’s somewhere in between nishiwaseda and hoshien. oh henrik you amuse me… i took a few so if anything happens to me you know what happened. but he’s still alive, so…

today i was alone for lunch so i thought of packing my lunch in my bento box and see how much i can fit in it… and it was definitely too much for one person! so when uni starts i’ll pack my lunch in my disneyland bento box instead of this one 😀

another try at the octodogs. i’ve tried it once and it didn’t work very well, it turns out that i cut the tentacles wrongly >w< hahah i've made 2 cute carp sausages too. don't they look cute?

my favourite ingredient in the kitchen 😀 bread crumbs, otherwise known as panko in japanese

korokke and sausages all done and placed on paper towels to soak any extra oil

success! my cute octodogs 😀 a bit shrivelled though, any ideas how to prevent this? or maybe it’s the wrong type of sausage… i usually don’t eat sausages but i have to now, because they look so cute 😀

everything packed into my bento! 3 pieces of cream korokke, 2 sausage octopuses, 2 carp sausages and 3 quail eggs

close up on the cute carps

i tried making a cat korokke 😀 i should have decorated the eggs too but i was lazy

the cream sauce was too hard and congealed :S it was tough to chew… i shouldn’t have cook it for so long D: in any case i still like potato and meat korokke…

made lunch for myself today 😀 since i usually only cook meat, i figured i should start eating some vegetables >w< i only like eating vegetables that are cooked till soft, as in so-soft-you-don't-even-need-to-chew-them soft, so i tried making vegetable stew since it would soften the vegetables 😀

ingredients for the vegetable stew

no other things added 😀 just the original taste of the vegetables, plus a bit of salt.

mushrooms :3 i used the top for the omuraisu and the stems were tossed into the vegetable stew.

i seriously need a non-stick pan D: the omelette for the omuraisu failed awesomely. i could cry looking at it. the rice was awesome though.

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😀 i made some teriyaki sauce from scratch and cooked this for lunch today~ it was delicious! not so much like real teriyaki, since it was more watery than the instant type, but it was delicious nonetheless 😀 am happy. and so very easy to make!

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i’m so proud of myself today >w< i've managed to cook simple lunch for four today 😀 it was a bit hectic in the kitchen because i overslept so there was not enough time and i was worried that it might not be done in time for when my cousin comes home from school so i had teddy help me with some things.

today’s lunch 😀 minced pork korokke, miso soup and tamagoyaki
my first time ever cooking something that is not premade, packaged and instant!

tamagoyaki. this was very sad for me because upon pouring the egg into the non-stick pan i realized due to my mother the non-stick pan is now very-stick pan.

my happy korokke! a bit too bland for everyone’s taste but it was my first time so i didn’t want to risk making it too salty by drowning it in usukuchi shoyu and mirin XD shall improve on the seasoning of the pork and marinate it a bit longer (and saltier). will eventually need to learn how to make the dipping sauce because teddy was bitching about not having any sauce for the korokke

since i’m pretty much bored at home lately i’m motivated to try to cook more stuff. watching mago mago arashi makes me feel happy 😀 “hey i can do that!”

cooking is fun huh?

but it’s good if you have someone else to help you wash the mess you make in the kitchen afterwards 😀


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