l'isle joyeuse


how to contact me

livejournal : buon ricordo
msn/hotmail : plue_87[at]hotmail.com
store : onigirifactory

i am also active on many forums with the username plueonigiri :

comic fiesta

if all else fails, please try looking for me on one of those facebook thingamajigs.


2 Responses to "recherche"

Hi Elaine! >w< But!..BUT! how I stumbled across your blog was even more exciting! I was googling to find out about Aiba's family restaurant and it led me straight to ur blog entry about ur visit to Aiba-chan's family restaurant!…. YES! I'm also a fellow Arashi fan w<

🙂 Nice to meet you! I’m so sorry for the extremely late reply! 🙂 It’s always nice to meet a fellow fan.

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slice-of-life entries of my life in japan as an exchange student :) feel free to comment... they're my daily pieces of happiness!

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thank you for dropping by, and have a nice day ♥

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