l'isle joyeuse


japanese linguistics major. bookworm. music maniac. hand crafter. food fan. photography freak. travel lover. obsessed and enthralled with all things japanese. in love with ninomiya kazunari and ohno satoshi, amongst other arashi members.

japanese linguistics major

currently realizing one of my life’s biggest dreams of pursuing a  japanese linguistics degree in university. everyday i wake up feeling like i’m on top of the world, and there’s absoutely nothing that can make me feel otherwise.


growing up with all sorts of books around me since i was a child has made me into a book lover, and there is nothing i love more than curling up in my comforter with a good book on a rainy day. i’ve always believed that the things you can learn from books are endless, and i’m looking forward to learning from books for the rest of my life.

music maniac

music is like food for my soul, and i am always amazed by the beauty of different kinds of sounds, from different kinds of instruments. i listen to a wide range of music, from classical to big band and japanese hip-hop, not forgetting french ballads. my biggest love : arashi. other favourites include but are not limited to : yuzu, hamasaki ayumi

hand crafter

so they say lefties are creative. there is room for discussion but i can’t deny the fact that i love making things with my hands! there is no better present than a handmade gift, full with warmth and love from me, to you.

photography freak

photographs, to me, are like memories that can be kept in a box. i love taking photos of anything and everything. this means : “no eating until i’ve taken a photo of that!”

travel lover

it is my dream to one day travel around the world with my loved one, tasting the different kinds of food and local cuisine as well as drinking in the sights and culture of different countries. the must-go countries? japan and france, of course.


my one true love. they own my soul, now and forever more. i love nino and leader the most, but you can’t possibly make me choose! arashi is the best when they are together, like a big warm snuggly basket of puppies! sure, they are probably the biggest idols in japan right now, with 4 oricon number 1s and the first johnny’s group to hold a concert for 3 consecutive days in the olympic stadium, but they are also normal, everyday boys who love doing silly things, eating cheap food and tattle-tale on each other’s failures. nobody else could own my heart like this. thank you for making my day, every day.


6 Responses to "moi-même"

empty one…

now got already la 😀

Amazing blog ♥ )

Hi Plue,

Don’t know whether you remember me. I bought some stuff from you some time back from CF. Din’t know you have ventured to Japan. Hope all goes well for you and your adventures!

thank you and sorry for the late reply! 🙂 i hope everything goes well for you too!

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slice-of-life entries of my life in japan as an exchange student :) feel free to comment... they're my daily pieces of happiness!

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