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backlog :2010.06.19

on saturday, i went to the narita express platform to pick captain up ♥ it was like a scene out from a really cheesy love drama hahah – we were running to greet each other and went all colkfneoicqhnovihn *insert spazz here*

she got me a present ♥

it comes in a pretty box!

and a nice little bag!

so pretty *O* it’s the cutest bracelet ever ;w; there’s a musical note for nino and a fish for ohchan!

after that, we went to harajuku because apparantly the softbank there is more efficient and foreigner-friendly. we got it done in less than 20 minutes omg :O

we saw the funniest vending machine EVER in one of the idol shops 😀 a vending machine that sells arashi photos!!!

we had epic purikura with our kaibutsu-kun caps and pikanchi shirts >w<

i’m sure we look crazy

after that, we went to shibuya‘s tower records to look at the kaibutsu-kun costume they have on display there >w< he's SO TINY!!!

so, so tiny hahah!

dinner time!!! all-you-can-eat sukiyaki at 1980円 per person ^^

fresh australian beef… how ironic!

pork from chiba prefecture

in to the pot it goes!

😀 yes we are happy

and dorky :p

i ♥ sukiyaki

and that’s the end of an awesome day – the first of many to come 🙂


recently i’ve been going out a lot with megan, a fellow arashi fangirl that i met on lj quite some time ago 😀 it would have been so much more fun had we gotten the courage to speak to each other earlier, because we’re both going home soon! nevertheless, it has been really fun everytime we go out together 😀

last friday we went to pasela to watch the 5×10 dvd. it’s a really nice karaoke place that has a dvd player as well, so we could watch anything we want 😀 it was so much fun, waving our penlights and doing the hand movements along with them.

they even have mouthwash for you in the washrooms :O

after that, we went looking for something to eat, and we saw this : destiny. the words crab chahan with a big “umai!” exclaimation? it is definitely very leader-ish so we went in!

we sat at the counter so we could literally watch them cook our food

it has a really warm, welcoming atmosphere and an authentic chinese ambience

we both ordered the crab chahan

we both chose different sets though. mine came with a small plate of gyoza, and hers came with a small cup of kaarage

yesterday, i met up with her again for dinner 😀 it was quite an adventure! i was supposed to meet her at shibuya but she emailed me 15 minutes before our meeting time to tell me that she had forgotten her wallet at home, her suica had run out of credit and she is now stuck in ikebukuro with no money. i went to get her, and then we had a laugh at how aiba-ish it was 😀

we went to an all-you-can-eat place called nabezo where you could choose between sukiyaki, nabe and shabu shabu (1980円 per person).

it was surprisingly quiet for an all-you-can-eat place! the service was really good too!

😀 meat! unlimited pork and beef, as well as assorted vegetables and random stuff for nabe dishes. i love harusame!!!

us 🙂 i love her red tights and black mary-janes! her dress was really colourful too – really springlike! my outfit on the other hand was a bit more subdued and it looks like winter… hahah!

on saturday last week i went out for cakes with the malaysians 😀 we met up at shibuya and it made my day to see these two huge posters outside the station >w<

i finally took a more decent photo of myself with hachiko!

deru joined us later because she woke up late so azu, kat and i had some sushi to fill up our stomachs since we have not eaten anything for lunch (and azu claimed he can’t fill his stomach with only cakes =w=)

after deru arrived we took the train to 田園調布 denenchofu because i fell in love with the cakes at l’epi dor! there was a small street festival there as well and we made the mistake of taking a look… i spent money again – a really nice bamboo-bottomed handbag for kimono (4000円), and a white heko obi (1000円).

i fell in love with the mille feuille the last time i came, but since i’ve already tried it before, i decided to order something else : the chestnut bavarois ♥ (420円)

it was unexpectedly good :O i am not a big chestnut fan but this one had just the right amount of sweetness and the subtle fragrance of chestnut >w<

the one who hides and the one who poses

the normal ones 😀 hahah just kidding XD and i’ve just realized that we were dressed to match! kat and i in white, and deru and azu in black 😀 talk about contrasts!

the hydrangeas are starting to bloom now! i’m so happy!

possibly my favourite flowers, next to casablanca lilies ♥ they are so gorgeous! *o*

japanese students in their summer uniforms. in japan, it’s a tradition to change all long-sleeved winter uniforms to short-sleeved summer ones. this tradition is called “更衣 koromogae,” which literally means “changing of one’s seasonal clothes,” and usually happens on the 1st of july every year. this doesn’t apply only to school students, but to train station attendants, postal office workers and other professions as well.

my first yukata of the year 🙂 uniqlo has begun selling them, and i immediately fell in love with this one. they get cheaper as summer goes by, but i decided to get this one because it was so pretty and there are chances that they might be sold out when the sales come along.

two more weeks till captain‘s arrival 🙂

i went to 巣鴨 sugamo after lunch to look around before meeting up with alse and her sister for dinner!

instead of fashionable youngsters chilling it out on the streets, old folks chat with each other about nothing and everything

the とげぬき地蔵 togenuki jizou is really famous here so they’ve made the jizou statue the unofficial mascot of sugamo

there is definitely a LOT of old people at sugamo, they were not kidding when they called it “harajuku for the old folks”…

things i like about japan #67713057283 : the fact that they close the roads on weekends

red underwear anyone? it gives you energy and power

the temple with the togenuki jizou

the aforementioned jizou statues

an old man at a seafood produce store 🙂 i quite like this shot!

🙂 表参道 omotesando

the restaurant we picked 🙂 it was quite hidden!

a really nice japanese restaurant called 楽食酒圓 rakushokushu maru! i made a reservation for 6pm and we arrived right on time >w<

the restaurant was underground, and it looked sort of like a dive :O kind of daunting at first look, but it turned out to be the right place

the beginning of an amazing experience

pure tomato sweet marinade

lotus root soup with mochi

sashimi platter

japanese-style asparagus

sweet bamboo shoots with tofu

assorted beans with fish… thing…

tender beef cheek meat *O* it was really really soft and tender!

🙂 the pretty waitress that served us. here she is with the claypot rice!

pickled vegetables

we ate the rice with miso soup and pickled vegetables

i ate mine as ochazuke, by pouring hot green tea over it ❤

dessert! the most amazing caramel pudding

the bill came in a really pretty fabric book-cover like thing

a really thoughtful gesture! we did not finish the rice that was in our pot and in the end they made it into a riceball for us to bring home *o* oh japan, why are you so wonderful?!

it’s so nice to finally meet alse after chatting with her online for many years!!!

on the streets of omotesando at night! it was quite cool 🙂

omotesando sparkles at night!

thank you alse for the amazing treat – i’m looking forward to meeting you again!!!

yesterday i went to meet up with jin, shereen and solera who are here on holiday! we planned to meet at shinjuku and i brought them to akihabara after that, because they wanted to have a look at how it looks like 🙂

after much fangirling (and fanboying) in animate, we headed off to 浅草 asakusa to meet up with tsu.

the pretty wall decoration at asakusa station depicting the 三社祭り sanja matsuri

a traditional trader at 仲見世通り nakamise st 🙂

jin and solera

shereen and i 🙂

it was quite a good day – fair weather, but quite cloudy… thank goodness it didn’t rain when we were out!

the mikoshi for the festival

the theme colours for the festival seems to be purple and gold… very luxurious!

i went up close to the mikoshi and peered up at the torii, and i saw little people peeking back at me!

🙂 hi there

where there is a festival, there will always be yatai, or roadside stalls! this one might be nostalgic to some people – have you ever tried fishing for games, toys and goldfishes?

guys in traditional attire cooking downtown specialties

the overwhelming painting of a huge golden dragon in front of the main hall

some girls are already dressing up in informal summer yukata >w< i can't wait for the shops to start selling them so i can buy tons of them!!! i intend to spend my days (out of university) in them!

the main hall 🙂 a lot of metal, but still beautiful

they went to osaka last night by bus and hopefully they’re enjoying their time!

it’s the second week of may now and even though it’s still officially spring, the temperature has been rising gradually but surely, and i can feel summer creeping in on to us!

my laptop died just before golden week, and i made my way to the university computer lab many times, during weekends and even at night after dinner, to use the internet. on the way there, i took some photos!

the way to university was really beautiful, with a row of yaezakura trees, and the ground was often carpetted with soft pink petals!

so fleetingly pretty

i wonder how many years, how many springs, it has been, since the cherry blossom petals have been embedded into the ground.

it’s a bit of a waste to see them get trampled on though 😦

🙂 goodbye spring!

now, all the pink has disappeared and a lot of green can be seen everywhere, be it real trees, or shopping malls and shops! on thursday, i went on a walk with my haiku class to “get inspiration for haiku,” according to my teacher 😀

we went to a garden that was actually in one of the hotels nearby waseda university

classmates 🙂

this pagoda looks out of place in the middle of metropolitan tokyo

my neverending love affair with inari shrines

after strolling the gardens, we left 🙂 it was a good thing the weather was good!

look at the blue sky and fluffy white clouds!

the sky reflected on the surface of the kanda river 🙂

the kanda river that flows through waseda is really pretty, especially during spring when all the cherry blossom trees along both sides of the river bloom

this week went by really fast, and it makes me really sad to think that i will have to go home in two months 😦 i don’t ever want to leave japan, but i suppose happy things must come to an end somehow!

but this also means that summer will arrive soon. and summer means…

captain and kazu‘s epic summer adventure!!!


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