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today i went for the my girl exhibition at roponggi, which was held in celebration of the official release of the dvd box ♥ it comes with a special hand towel that i really want, but the dvd box is too expensive for me 😦

i am way too easily amused

people lining up to go in – they were controlling the crowd so it wouldn’t be too packed inside, and to make sure that everyone had the chance to take a good look at everything

there were quite a lot of families, with both parents and kids 🙂 i’m glad to see more than just arashi fangirls! it will probably be packed to the brim tomorrow since it’s a saturday…

i like the overall presentation – very simple and very sweet

view from the entrance

they had one panel for each episode, with a brief summary of what happens and 4 photos from the episode

they had a replica of the sakura tree at masamune-kun‘s school >w<

hiro went along with mummy because he is a koharu fan 😀

besides that, they also had various key items on display : the drama scripts, masamune-kun‘s camera, koharu-chan‘s lucky charm, her hair accessories, masamune-kun‘s outfits, koharu-chan‘s pajamas >w< i wish i could take photos of the items on display! and i knew aiba-chan was tall, but i’ve only realized today exactly how TALL he is when i was looking at his outfits hahah! (and big shoes too!)

masamune-kun‘s bike, with the child seat attached

other key items that was near the photo-taking spot, so i managed to get some photos >w<

koharu-chan‘s cape and the symbolic red-and-white muffler scarf!

koharu-chan‘s shoes, boots and bags

the postbox by the riverbank and koharu-chan’s string telephone!

i was hoping that they would restock the handphone straps but sadly, they only had clear files left 😦 i quite like the mug too… oh well! i bought the clear file anyway =w=;;

hiro with the huge doraemon at the tv asahi souvenir shop

the miniature tokyo tower in the lobby

upclose at the sparkly dangly stuff 😀

on the way to azabu juban station, i spotted this! i wonder how it tastes like…

a nostalgic name for me! as long as i can remember, azabu juban is where sailormoon lives :p

so cute!

even the patrol cars here are cute hahah! so tiny!

wrong kanji but at least it still reads ohmiya :p

my lunch 🙂

troublemaker photos were up at the shop today. the damage is done. i am heartbroken over the lack of my otp 😦 johnny’s, what were you thinking?!


a very happy birthday to 二宮和也 ninomiya kazunari, who turns 26 today! may he look forever 17 and continue to prosper in his acting and singing career ♥ and may i be so lucky as to attend an arashi concert in japan next year >w< (and may i have the chance to meet him in person ♥ )

いつも17歳に見られるように (笑) そして、いつか日本でニノを会いに出来るように~ ♥

i was supposed to update this at 11pm just now (because japan is early by one hour) but the internet wasn't working D: drats.

will be going out tomorrow night with teddy to celebrate nino's birthday 😀 japanese dinner, and after that to zen for the cake.

i’ve always liked 二宮和也 ninomiya kazunari from 嵐 arashi but recently i’ve been really obsessed about him to the point of actually DREAMING about him XD;; not only is he cute, he is also very talented in many aspects : sports (he was the MVP for the johnny’s sports event), music (he composes, sings, dances and plays the guitar and piano) and acting.

recently i’ve been really into his solo performances, and one of my favourite songs is 虹 niji, meaning “rainbow” in japanese. it’s written from a girl’s point of view, saying how she wishes her boyfriend could say nice things to her once in a while, but he is awkward and shy about it. in the end he eventually says that she is beautiful (when compared to the rainbow both of them saw), and seeing his embarassed face, she says thank you. the melody is nice and simple, and his voice suits the song perfectly.

screencaps from the arashi around asia 2008 in tokyo (time) concert of nino’s solo performance

he looks good with glasses 😀 even if he’s all drenched in sweat…

i like his outfit too >w< he plays a kawai ^▽^

close up

in the end of the performance he removes his glasses. i didn’t know the act of removing one’s glasses can be so heart-stoppingly sexy *O* lots of other fans agree, because that small gesture made all the girls scream XD

how my desktop looks like now 😀 i made a wallpaper with the screencaps from the performance. i simply must buy this dvd when i go to japan in september *O*

😀 my long time obsession~~~ been watching a lot of mago mago arashi and shukudai-kun so i’ve been more obssessed than usual >w< enjoy some nino goodness ❤

oh yeah… for those who don’t know 😀 his name is 二宮和也 ninomiya kazunari, from the super boy band arashi ❤ he sings, composes, plays the guitar and piano, acts, hosts and dances!

he looks super young in this photo so i reckon it must be old… but glasses = MOE!


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