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today i went for the my girl exhibition at roponggi, which was held in celebration of the official release of the dvd box ♥ it comes with a special hand towel that i really want, but the dvd box is too expensive for me 😦

i am way too easily amused

people lining up to go in – they were controlling the crowd so it wouldn’t be too packed inside, and to make sure that everyone had the chance to take a good look at everything

there were quite a lot of families, with both parents and kids 🙂 i’m glad to see more than just arashi fangirls! it will probably be packed to the brim tomorrow since it’s a saturday…

i like the overall presentation – very simple and very sweet

view from the entrance

they had one panel for each episode, with a brief summary of what happens and 4 photos from the episode

they had a replica of the sakura tree at masamune-kun‘s school >w<

hiro went along with mummy because he is a koharu fan 😀

besides that, they also had various key items on display : the drama scripts, masamune-kun‘s camera, koharu-chan‘s lucky charm, her hair accessories, masamune-kun‘s outfits, koharu-chan‘s pajamas >w< i wish i could take photos of the items on display! and i knew aiba-chan was tall, but i’ve only realized today exactly how TALL he is when i was looking at his outfits hahah! (and big shoes too!)

masamune-kun‘s bike, with the child seat attached

other key items that was near the photo-taking spot, so i managed to get some photos >w<

koharu-chan‘s cape and the symbolic red-and-white muffler scarf!

koharu-chan‘s shoes, boots and bags

the postbox by the riverbank and koharu-chan’s string telephone!

i was hoping that they would restock the handphone straps but sadly, they only had clear files left 😦 i quite like the mug too… oh well! i bought the clear file anyway =w=;;

hiro with the huge doraemon at the tv asahi souvenir shop

the miniature tokyo tower in the lobby

upclose at the sparkly dangly stuff 😀

on the way to azabu juban station, i spotted this! i wonder how it tastes like…

a nostalgic name for me! as long as i can remember, azabu juban is where sailormoon lives :p

so cute!

even the patrol cars here are cute hahah! so tiny!

wrong kanji but at least it still reads ohmiya :p

my lunch 🙂

troublemaker photos were up at the shop today. the damage is done. i am heartbroken over the lack of my otp 😦 johnny’s, what were you thinking?!


i went to asakusa today with tsu to watch the 東京時代祭り tokyo jidai matsuri parade! i’ve had it noted down in my planner before coming to japan 🙂 it was really cold today though, i was freezing my toes off! i wish i had an overcoat or something… *makes reminder to buy one* most of the 200+ photos are up on facebook but i’ll put up my favourite shots here!

the parade started at 13:45. i left my dorm at 11:00, reached asakusa a little before 12:00, and then proceeded to grab a front spot and waited!

welcome to asakusa 🙂

random fangirl moment :p

one of the cuter police cars. i’m still looking for the mitsubishi lancers and subaru imprezas…

i like taking photos of myself in reflective surfances

two shot

obligatory self-shot


one of the official event photographers

i like this shot a lot

the gorgeous colours!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

i love her costume ;w;

see how biased i am?!


close up of my outfit today

i love the swans too! (or are they cranes?)

🙂 meiji-inspired outfits for volunteers who were looking after the kids in the parade!

a tengu (japanese goblin). i’m mesmerized by the costume!

one of the ladies who was in the ooku parade

lower ranked goblins lol

hahah he was really cute, posing for all the cameras

i love this dancer! she looked really sweet and graceful!

i even spotted a foreigner in the parade! she looks somewhat mysterious to me 🙂 very beautiful

a serious expression

adorable 7 gods of fortune!!! ♥

he even had matching eyebrows lol

geisha and maiko parade


okita souji leading the parade ♥


crysenthemum throne crest

ending of the parade

one of the rare moments you can take a photo in the middle of the road in japan

every foreigner’s worst nightmare : food menus on the wall with no pictures whatsoever

a very late lunch around 15:30 🙂 sanma!

i flipped my hair to the back lol otherwise i’d be eating my own hair! quite satisfied with my kitsuke today but my collar needs work. practice makes perfect!!!

on sunday, i went out with the intention of watching boku no hatsukoi wo kimi ni sasagu, but the tickets were all sold out ;_; so i went to sunshine city to take a look at the saiyuki festa

i really, really want to watch this!

cute maids promoting crepes

came across this poster of maharaja mode at sunshine city

saiyuki festa 2009!!! my fangirl heart jumps in joy ♥

paper stands

costumes used in the drama adaptation

hakuryuu in jippu form! i want to sit in it~

^w^ it looks really uncomfortable though!

what’s your flavour?

the stuff i bought! i was so tempted to buy so many things…

i took photos of some of the pages from the pamphlet!

my favourite page ♥ !!! *0* tenpo is beyond hot *blissful sigh*

so pretty omg ♥

hothothothothothothot *O* ♥

i bought gaiden badges 🙂 i only want the tenpo one but it comes in a set of two, so i had no choice lol… but it looks pretty cool together though! biel biel biel

i bought a set of 4 clear files with gaiden illustrations ♥ i love gaiden!!!

they had stickers printed with orange paper planes for visitors to jot down messages for minekura-sensei… i took a few extra copies as souvenirs ♥


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