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today i went for the my girl exhibition at roponggi, which was held in celebration of the official release of the dvd box ♥ it comes with a special hand towel that i really want, but the dvd box is too expensive for me 😦

i am way too easily amused

people lining up to go in – they were controlling the crowd so it wouldn’t be too packed inside, and to make sure that everyone had the chance to take a good look at everything

there were quite a lot of families, with both parents and kids 🙂 i’m glad to see more than just arashi fangirls! it will probably be packed to the brim tomorrow since it’s a saturday…

i like the overall presentation – very simple and very sweet

view from the entrance

they had one panel for each episode, with a brief summary of what happens and 4 photos from the episode

they had a replica of the sakura tree at masamune-kun‘s school >w<

hiro went along with mummy because he is a koharu fan 😀

besides that, they also had various key items on display : the drama scripts, masamune-kun‘s camera, koharu-chan‘s lucky charm, her hair accessories, masamune-kun‘s outfits, koharu-chan‘s pajamas >w< i wish i could take photos of the items on display! and i knew aiba-chan was tall, but i’ve only realized today exactly how TALL he is when i was looking at his outfits hahah! (and big shoes too!)

masamune-kun‘s bike, with the child seat attached

other key items that was near the photo-taking spot, so i managed to get some photos >w<

koharu-chan‘s cape and the symbolic red-and-white muffler scarf!

koharu-chan‘s shoes, boots and bags

the postbox by the riverbank and koharu-chan’s string telephone!

i was hoping that they would restock the handphone straps but sadly, they only had clear files left 😦 i quite like the mug too… oh well! i bought the clear file anyway =w=;;

hiro with the huge doraemon at the tv asahi souvenir shop

the miniature tokyo tower in the lobby

upclose at the sparkly dangly stuff 😀

on the way to azabu juban station, i spotted this! i wonder how it tastes like…

a nostalgic name for me! as long as i can remember, azabu juban is where sailormoon lives :p

so cute!

even the patrol cars here are cute hahah! so tiny!

wrong kanji but at least it still reads ohmiya :p

my lunch 🙂

troublemaker photos were up at the shop today. the damage is done. i am heartbroken over the lack of my otp 😦 johnny’s, what were you thinking?!


i’ve been putting this off for way too long hahah! it’s difficult trying to narrow down the amount of photos to use in my blog =w= but here you go, the first day in kyoto! we took the night bus from shinjuku and arrived in kyoto the next morning. it was actually snowing the night we left so it was a good thing i decided not to bring along the suitcase or it would have been soaked >w<

breakfast at the only place open at 7 in the morning – starbucks! a donut and hot soy latte for me =w=

we dropped off our luggage at the hotel and because we could only check-in at 3pm, we decided to explore first, even though it was drizzling… it was colder than tokyo!!

🙂 my passport is useful

first stop : 金閣寺 kinkakuji, the golden pavillion

next stop : 二条城 nijo castle. it’s pricey 😦 600円 per entry… but the inside was really pretty *O* the paintings on the walls, ceilings and sliding doors are breathtaking! i want to live there and spend my day sitting around in luxurious silk kimono

it stopped raining for a bit when we were here

i was glad the sun came out because i could finally take this photo!

it’s been a while since i’ve seen blue skies! all my kyoto photos were really gloomy… overcast skies and dark clouds!

we made full use of the town busses! i think it was probably the most i’ve ever been on a bus in a single day :p

contrasts. outsiders and locals. and dark skies hahah!

katsudon for lunch

third stop : 清水寺 kiyomizu-dera. coming to all these places reminds me of my beloved nehs!

more dark skies. but at least it stopped raining.

10 points to anyone who knew the real reason why i took this photo! >w<

yes i do!

we went to 祇園 gion after checking in… it was REALLY cold by then!!!

fourth stop : 八坂神社 yasaka jinja.

the lanterns were all lit up, with all the geisha and maiko‘s names painted on them >w<

the gion crest/emblem on the lanterns in gion advertising the annual 祇園をどり gion odori – three circles connected on a vertical line!

being a wednesday night, gion was really quiet!

i want to live in kyoto!

our awesome dinner!!! we found this place by chance after receiving a flyer on the streets >w< kyoto vegetables in my sukiyaki!!! it came with rice as well – extra helpings are free of charge 🙂

on the way back to the hotel. i fell down the stairs trying to take a photo of the posters hahah!!! so embarassing…

the next day, we went to 伏見稲荷大社 fushimi inari shrine! i wanted to go all the way up because i was expecting something up there…

took the train there after leaving out bags in a coin locker at the train station

^o^ i can’t get enough of this place!

at the purification fountain. for foreigners who might take it as a drinking fountain :O

the view from halfway up the mountain 🙂

the top! you can see all the moss >w<

i was so disappointed when we reached the top T_T

the only thing up there is another shrine not unlike all the other shrines on the way up…

so we went back down again hahah!

at least it was warm! i was sweating! it was good exercise but was really tough =w=;; shows how unfit i am!

i thought it would be cold so i brought two parkas, but my fears were unfounded -_-;; it was really hot!!!

>w< hi!

and from here, allow me to fangirl XD i couldn't help it!!! it was right in front of my face so i couldn't ignore it :p

this one was really unexpected >w<

it’s a bit sad that i couldn’t complete the whole set ;w;

we wanted to go to arashiyama as well initially but there wasn’t much time left so we left kyoto after leaving fushimi inari.

next stop : osaka!!!

warning : insanely long post!

before going for the concert, i went to the heiwa nakajima foundation with 3 other girls from waseda for our official visit ^o^ free sushi for lunch!

i arrived at budoukan around 3:00pm 🙂 there were a lot of people on the way there as well!

the weather was quite good >w< hahah not that it matters, because budoukan is an indoor venue =w=

hiro at the yuzu concert! ♥

the outfits and props used in the 桜会 sakurae single cover! from what i can see based on the clothes… yuujin is REALLY skinny o_o

yuzu fans are called ゆずっ子 yuzukko, literally meaning “yuzu‘s kids/girls” >w< lots of super awesome yuzukko with handmade yuzu goods all over their bags and clothes!

concert goods! i bought t-shirts (the white furusato version; the gray one was more expensive), the eco bag (i hate how japan NEVER gives you anything to keep your con goods in so you feel obligated to buy the eco bag =w=), light sticks, pamphlet and sports towel (which was a last minute decision, because it looks super cute!)

see! it’s super cute! >w< all the other yuzukko were taking photos in front of the banner with the towel too hahah!

random yamada tarou fangirl moment

more handmade stuff :O felt decorations sewn onto the tour parka!

decorations on bags…

i’m still trying to figure out what parka this is… a LOT of them were wearing it!!!

self shot! it took me so many tries to get the right angle so i can include the yuzu banner in the corner…

got my ticket after lining up for about 30 minutes! i only managed to get a sideback ticket, so i didn’t know what kind of seat it would turn out to be, but i was really surprised!!!

more cute yuzukko! a lot of them came in groups and were dragging suitcases along! they’ve actually been travelling along with yuzu across the country for the whole tour, because i can hear them speaking in different dialects, the most prominent being osaka-ben and nagoya-ben XD

we were allowed in to the hall at 5:30pm and i was REALLY surprised at my seat! i took this without any zooming o_o granted, it’s at the side and i can’t actually see the main display screen properly, but i was REALLY close to the stage! the black box on the floor in the middle of the stage was where they stand to sing most of the time. you can see the furusato little house on the left, and you can’t really see it in the picture, but it was on a roller-coaster-like track where it rolls up towards the stage, and then backstage.

set list
(not sure, because this is actually from nagoya and i editted the songs that they switched around, but i can’t be 100% sure – will edit this properly if i can find the accurate set list soon)

1.桜木町 sakuragicho
2.シシカバブー shish kebab
3.アゲイン2 again 2
4.RE.スタート re-start
5.二つの言葉 futatsu no kotoba
6.健太郎のお姉ちゃん kentarou no oneechan
7.メドレー1999年 timeslip medley year 1999
8.レストラン restaurant
9.ゼンマイ zenmai
10.はるか haruka
11.Yesterday and Tomorrow
12.スーパーマン superman
13.いちご ichigo
14.夏色 natsuiro
15.栄光の架け橋 eikou no kakehashi
16.逢いたい aitai
17.虹 niji

18.青 ao
19.マイライフ my life
20.桜会 sakurae
21.みらい mirai

it was really awesome! a very different kind of concert compared to arashi and ayu! i’m really glad i decided to come – it was purely music, very simple yet really touching! too much to write about so i’m just going to write about the highlights of my favourite moments in the concert! the concert started right on time – 6:30 pm on the dot!!! it started with the cutest way possible : ラジオ体操 radio taisou!!! ♥

opening mc : the usual hellos and how are yous 😀 after that, yuujin asked random questions to the audience, asking us to raise our hand and answer with a loud “hai” if it applies to us XD among questions asked :
– girls? boys?
– came with friends? came with family?
– husband and wives? (which led to : husband and wives who got married due to yuzu? played yuzu songs at your wedding?)
– parent and child?
– couples? (which led to : couples who have not kissed yet? there was actually someone who yelled “HAI!” and yuujin went, “OH REALLY? work hard, you have lots of chances tonight. i’ll be watching you from time to time from the stage” XD)
– first time at a yuzu concert? have came more than you can count? come once in a while? been a long time since your last yuzu concert?

the amazing thing was that for each question, there was at least one person answering “HAI!” while waving their hand excitedly >w< hahah so cute! random point : their opening costumes were super cute and the cutest thing i noticed right away was that THEIR EARPHONES HAD RAINBOWS ON THEM ♥

kentarau no oneechan : they chose one lucky person from the entire audience of 9,009 people and performed the song by replacing the lines “kentarou no oneechan” with that person’s name!!! it was a really lucky girl from nagoya in the front row in the arena, her name was toki itsumi :3 once the camera focused on her, she did a double take and then started CRYING hahah! (well, can’t blame her… i would too) then they asked her for her name and then proceeded to sing the song with her name in it and the last line was sung by yuujin, acappella style with all the lights dimmed and spotlights on both yuujin and the girl : “恋をしたのは、トキイツミ the one i fell in love with was toki itsumi” *O* it was really nice of them! i bet she’s not going to stop crying for some time… probably not going to sleep tonight too :p

timeslip medley – 1999 : this differs from location to location so the audience will never know what year it will be until the concert starts 😀 the audience went NUTS when the number 1999 went on display!!! an awesome medley including all-time favourites いつか itsuka, サヨナラバス sayonara bus, 友達の唄 tomodachi no uta and センチメンタル sentimental!!! everyone went crazy at sayonara bus hahah!

natsuiro : HAHAHAHA CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY XD XD XD as tradition goes… “mou ikkai! mou ikkai! mou ikkai! mou ikkai!” it went on for about 6-7 times and since it was ひな祭り hinamatsuri (girl’s day), instead of saying “sore sore sore sore!” each time he starts again, he yelled “hina kira kira kira!” and “hina hina hina hina!” LMAO he was super cute! random screams of “matsuri ga daisuki!” and “hinamatsuri da!” 😀 ♥

eikou no kakehashi : i was speechless… i wasn’t expecting them to sing this because it wasn’t in ANY of the setlists for the whole tour, but they decided to switch aa, seishun no hibi for this. i like seishun too but eikou no kakehashi is the one song i really wanted to hear live and they did it ;_; it was really beautiful, i had tears in my eyes. i totally don’t know how to describe this, really.

niji : WOW. just… wow. the overall presentation was awesome, with live strings and the little house moving backstage then reappearing in the middle of the stage all shiny and bright! i loved how they turned off all the lights and had just the two lone spotlights on them when they started singing the bridge (“雨上がり空に そっと架かる虹の橋 ameagari sora ni sotto kakaru niji no hashi”), and had silver sparkles fluttering down on them to represent rain. really powerful performance *O* yuujin had a sparkly rainbow brooch on his jacket and his guitar had a rainbow painted on it as well ^^

that very same line was used during the encore call :3 we sang those two lines for about 5 to 10 minutes nonstop until they came out for an encore :3 (it was so different from arashi and ayu! arashi‘s was “arashi, arashi, arashi” call and ayu‘s was the “ayu a-a, ayu-a-a” call XD) it sounded really pretty and soothing, and everyone was waving the rainbow towel around so the whole hall was really pretty! and the light sticks sold were in 5 random colors so once the whole hall went dark, it was really rainbow colors all around!

sakurae : they turned off all the lights save for the two spotlights on them during the bridge, and at the end of the bridge leading into the final chorus, they turned on ALL the lights and you can see that they started releasing an insane amount of pink sakura petals across the arena from the front of the stage (the same place where they shoot the streamers out during natsuiro), it was so, so, SO beautiful ;w;

10:00pm, after the concert ended. it’s not very clear, but you can see the areana floor in front of the stage was COVERED with pink sakura petals

message from yuzu at the end : “let’s meet again”

a blurry but closer look at the sakura petals on the floor

nippon budoukan at night – rainbow colors, how appropriate!

>w< an awesome experience ♥

at iidabashi waiting for the train :3 hiro in my eco bag with all the cute yuzu goodies!

a nice lady outside the hall was super kind to give me some of the sakura petals she collected in the arena, as well as a streamer!!! thank you!!! ♥

i went alone and it would have been 10 times more fun to go with cherrinessa but i’m glad i went!!! yuujin was super cute + energetic, and kou-chan was awkwardly shy but sweet! i’m proud to say i’m a yuzukko now as well ♥

last night i went to the bunkamura orchard hall in shibuya to watch the nodame cantabile orchestra in concert!!! ☆ it was a really awesome concert! but before i talk about that, i have two photos from shinjuku‘s tower records XD

a brand new (bigger) arashi corner at shinjuku‘s tower records >w< i love japan!!!

i don’t know who he is, but i was amused 😀

i had a quiz and 2 presentations yesterday but they went smoothly so i was really relieved >w< i went to shibuya after class ended!

i found the venue for the concert without much difficulty *proud of herself*

the name of the concert hall reminds me of singapore hahah

the view from my seat. i was on the first floor. i couldn’t choose my seat because i bought my ticket from the convenience store… but it was not bad at all!

the screen ♥

>w< i was so excited!

the back of the concert hall

my seat

this is what i do when there’s nobody there to take photos for me >w<

i wore my nodame brooch, which i bought when i went to watch the movie a few weeks ago ♥ it’s knitted and cute!

the emcees for the night were the two announcers from fujiTV‘s mezamashi tv ^^

set list
beethoven’s symphony #7 [1st movement]
the moment the name of this piece was displayed on the screens, i was so happy i was shaking with excitement *O* it was epic, and as the music went up in a crescendo, i broke out in goosebumps ♥ this is probably the most significant piece in the whole nodame fandom, and it was really awesome to hear it live

まなざし☆デイドリーム manazashi☆daydream [opening theme of nodame cantabile finale anime]
piano : さかいゆう sakai yuu
the opening theme from the new anime season ^^ i’ve never heard of the singer’s name but his piano was good! accompanied by the strings section of the orchestra, they showed part of the opening animation from the new anime on the screens as well!

ravel’s bolero
AWESOME. just… AWESOME!!! ♥_♥ before they started, they had a fun mini session with the conductor introducing the different instruments in the orchestra by having each instrument play the main melody from bolero! it was really fun and educational! and the performance itself, was perfect ☆ the way it builds up slowly, with the volume gradually getting louder, is just unbeliavable.


rossini’s william tell overture
i was so happy to see the name of this piece on the screen!!! ♥ i didn’t think they were going to perform this, since it didn’t really stand out in the series, but i’m really glad, because this is a really fun piece! i could see the orchestra members having a lot of fun with this too. listening to this makes me want to play taiko no tatsujin :p

風と丘のバラード kaze to oka no ballad [closing theme of nodame cantabile finale anime]
vocal : real paradis
this didn’t really leave an impression on me hahah so sorry, i don’t have much to write about this one XD

chopin’s piano concerto #1 op.11 [1st movement]
a deep profound piece! a bit gloomy for me since i was in a really good mood but the pianist was actually a composer as well, and he was in charge of the soundtrack of the anime series!

tchaikovsky’s 1812
EPIC. beyond amazing!!! so triumphant! and when it reached the climax, the whole stage was bathed in gold lighting! really beautiful ;w; listening to this live was really fantastic! i have fallen in love with this piece ♥ i think a lot of people might have heard parts of this piece but do not know the name, myself included (before i watched the movie).


dvorzak’s cello suite op.39 b.93 #2 “polka”
a nostalgic piece from the original drama series! hahah the song that plays in the background whenever chiaki thinks of his beloved viera-sensei lol :3 well-performed piece! very relaxing and soothing!

strauss’s radetsky march
a wonderful ending to a wonderful concert! as the emcees said, since it’s basically still the “new” year, the last song of the concert would definitely have to be this piece! it was super fun, the concert master was laughing while playing, the mangoose came out, including all the guests for the night, and everyone clapped their hands to the beat of the music! it was awesome, we clapped according to the music, softly when the music went pianissimo, and gradually harder and harder (crescendo) until it hit fortissimo! it ended with a burst of silver streamers ♥

i went down to get streamers, even though it was normal silver streamers hahah! i like collecting crap like that =w= we got free posters, pamphlets and a small piece of nodame stickers. they were selling stuff there again =w= i bought a notepad and mechanical pencil because my old one is more than 6 years old… (excuses, i know)

they handed a piece of paper with the set list written on it when we went out

a free mangoose cellphone sticker you can remove from the huge poster at the concert hall entrance… so cute! everyone was around the poster, trying to peel them off without tearing them lol

you can’t really see it, but i bought a nodame screen protector as well. the original screen protector on my cellphone was peeling off in one corner and my hands were itching to peel it off >o<

Well to kick off my new blog, here’s something happy ^^

Go to urbandictionary. com and type in your answer to each question in the search box, then write the FIRST definition it gives you.

1. Your name? elaine
Another term for foxy or sexy.
Veronica Vawn is sooo elaine.

2. Your age? 21
The age at which one is finally considered human.

3. One of your friends? vivian
1. A boy’s and girl’s name with Latin origin meaning “lively” or “alive”. An ancient personal name, a saint’s name.

2. a beautiful name for a beautiful girl

Vivian is a nice sounding name.

4. What should you be doing? talking (to kevin)
When two people are not exclusive with each other nor have established what they are as a couple, but have some sort of relationship.

“John and I go out a lot but we’re just talking.” or “We’ve been talking for months now but we’re not together.”

5. Favorite color? red
1) a communist
2) CCC tablet (Coricidin, OTC anti-tussive medicine)

1) “You reds!”
2) “He passed out on 48 reds (!)”

6. Hometown? shah alam
(not defined yet :D)

7. Month of your birthday? august
The eigth month of the year characterized by cookouts and swimming!

I love August, it has to be the best month of the year!

8. Last person you talked to? kevin
basically a kid with a huge dick. looks great, smells great, and all the ladies want him. great at sports also. great sense of humor.

Gee i am so jealous of Kevin, with three girls around his arm.

How is kevin good looking and smart at the same time?

9. What did you last eat? rice
An automobile that has been equipped with gawdy, unnesecary accessories, such as 3′ high spoilers, loud and/or repulsive paint job and body work. Owners of such automobiles feel that these accessories make their car the best in the world, when in fact it is not.

That Prelude over there is nice, but this here Civic ain’t nothin but a rice mobile

10. Your nickname? onigiri
japanese for “rice ball”, a commonplace food in japan made of rice and a small token of food pressed into the back such as a plum or a piece of fish.

Onigiris taste best when plain.



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