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hiro is happy! so am i! >w<

thank you my nehs for the wooden postcard!!! i didn’t know you could send a wooden postcard hahaha!!! amazing!!! i miss you guys too! lots of outings and food when i come back okay! and i will dress you guys up in graduation kimonos and i’ll take nice formal graduation photos for you, so work hard!!! がんばれ!

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once again, i’m sorry for not being able to celebrate your birthday with you. i have actually planned to make it an awesome one for you this year, but then again, i’m here in japan.

among the three of us, you seem to be the one with the least words, but in reality, you are the one who can never fail to make me laugh at the silliest things. i don’t remember how i met you, had my first conversation with you, or got to be such good friends with you, but i’m glad we did, for my university years would not have been so memorable. you often call yourself the negative one in the group, and although i don’t deny it, i find that small spark of happiness and childlike innocence in you that makes you, you. i’m proud of being called the positive one in the group, for then i can be there for you whenever you need a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on or a (bad) navigator who points you the the wrong direction when we attempt to drive somewhere with absolutely zero knowledge of where north is. you were the one who listened to me whine about how i hate walking up the hill to uni every morning even though you were the one with high heels, and you were the one who dropped me off at college when you started driving to uni. you were the one who MADE me positive, because you were negative.

i love how strongly you hold onto your beliefs, and how much you love your dreams no matter what people say. our time spent in japan, as i mentioned before during neh’s birthday, is still the best memory i will ever have in my life with you two. i will never forget the places we went, the things we laughed at, the feelings we had. the yearning i feel for us to be together in japan once more in the future, is so strong that it hurts enough to make me cry. i know how you’re not the most touchy-feely person, that you’re not someone who gets close to anyone easily because you always have your defenses up, and to be able to get that sort of trust and affection for you, you have to EARN it. and i hope i earned it.

thanks for the wonderful memories. i am looking forward to making more memories with both of you, and i hope that even after i came to japan, we’ll still be as close. and i hope that we’ll continue making memories, just the three of us. let’s not let time be our enemy, for when we’re together, time seems to go by without us realizing it. let’s eat ramen in japan together again, someday. i love you guys ♥

happy birthday, vivi.

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the other day we had some time after our class on thursday, so we proceeded to go to a new place in ss2 for lunch 😀 i found fair reviews of this shop online and figured it would be worth a try. my main goal in going there would be to try their scones but found out to my dismay that they were only served from 3pm onwards (damn). we were there for lunch around 12:30pm so it was too early ;_; in the end i ordered a slice of apple pie and a chocolate eclair. the chocolate eclair was good but the apple pie not so. it might be good to others though, since i’m not actually an apple pie fan 😀

the atmosphere in the cafe was nice ❤ it would be great as a place for photoshoots! the lighting is good though it makes clear photography a pain in the ass.

cute teapot-themed decorations

including the floors

you see what i said about nice interior? 😀

the other side

chocolate eclair

mini sandwiches anyone?

vivi‘s omelette of sorts

neh‘s dory 😀

an obligatory shot, since there was a nice mirror right in front of me. i had to zoom in quite a bit though.

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there were too many people this year, which made it really stuffy 😦 the dust was awful too, since there was no rain the night before. we were all practically inhaling dust while dancing, so we left before it ended, which was a first for us. it was fun though, we prepared our own food so we don’t have to line up for ages for lousy food (though we bought icecream from the stalls… the lines for the kakikoori were too long!). i was so happy to be able to dress myself really nicely this time >w< had the chance to use my new koshi himo that i bought from japan, which was 100% wool so i didn’t feel that suffocated compared to my old cotton himo.

anyhow! pictures from the event 😀

the nehs ♥

awesome shot, like the one we took in furisode in japan (but that ray of light is in my face, damnit)

two-shot with my baby >w< do we look like sisters? 😀

group photo! ♥ hahah cherrinessa, you can really see your tan in this photo…

our sushi…

and homemade korokke! we made too much and couldn’t finish them all 😦

candid profile shot of cherrinessa 😀 that’s the temari kanzashi i bought from kyoto! it really suits the yukata she was wearing~

a nice and natural candid shot of me and vivi! i love this photo (>w<)

my favourite shot of myself XD

with tsu-chan~! she was so so cute!

our kinchaku 😀 i love the colors!

with teddy ♥


neh with cotton candy

she always look good in candid shots lol 😀 that’s the ice cream that we had! all of us had different flavours~

cute shot of vivi with ice cream hahah

😀 i want more yukata outings! let’s go out for purikura and parfaits ♥

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on monday we went to a new place for breakfast 😀 section 14’s coffee ritual


english tea for breakfast 😀

neh‘s nasi lemak

vivi and teddy‘s english breakfast set

i ordered the mushroom crepe 😀 it was delicious!

the taste was just nice and the cheese was perfect! but i can’t figure out what was inside that crepe (aside from mushrooms and onions) XD

it was fun just sitting in that cafe, laughing and talking about things that don’t make sense. i love the atmosphere, and it was a tranquil environment 🙂 i can’t wait to go back there again soon!

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