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finally, another lifetime dream come true!!! ❤ i finally attended my first ayu concert!!! it’s really an amazingly overwhelming experience for me to watch her live in japan. for me, who have been listening to her songs and watching her concerts on dvds since my high school days, having the opportunity to attend her concert is really amazing!!! thanks angel for the great company!

the concert goods booths. i took this photo after buying my stuff. we arrived at the national yoyogi stadium at 12:30pm and started to line up. the goods booths started sales at 14:30 =w= so we waited for 2 hours in the hot sun…

i have waited my whole life for this moment!!!

promotional poster for the deji deji diary

her autograph was on the poster too ❤

a cute lolita spotted among the concert-goers

an ayu-inspired look!

we had lunch at takeshita st 🙂 it was the cheapest place we could find! we were lucky to be the last customer(s) for the lunch session


i ordered the cream sauce pasta ❤

we had crepes after that ❤

my usual choice : banana choco special ❤

we wrote messages on one of the fan banners at the entrance! >w<

the old guy looks really cool hahah!

then we changed into our team messAge t-shirts! >w< my shirt is kind of long because i bought the M but the S is too short, so… hmm…

back view! ❤


we bought different colors each 🙂 i bought the black one for teddy though

ayu fans

more ayu-inspired looks

from the scorching afternoon heat, into a cooling autumn sunset

bag full of concert goods. i didn’t want to buy this at first but if i didn’t, i wouldn’t know how to keep my stuff during the concert

the stuff i bought. ouch.

more hardcore uncles hahah

the sunset was really pretty!!!

my ticket! the gates opened at 17:30 and the concert was supposed to start at 18:30, but there was a 15 minute delay due to the audience who were stil making their way into the stadium to their seats

the audience leaving after the concert. we were in the middle of the first floor stands. i took this photo from the topmost seat of the first floor stands 🙂

decorative cars lined up outside the stadium

more photos of decorative cars!

the owners. they live, eat and breathe ayu

in the washroom at harajuku station. the one at the stadium was too crowded

streamers ❤ i didn't come to our side but i asked some people who managed to catch them to give me some

they have words on them – i totally didn’t know! as i thought, ayu is on another level ❤

>w< it was a really amazing experience! i'm not very familiar with NEXT LEVEL but it was fun nevertheless! i hope i can make it to countdown live because it would definitely be more amazing than arena tour!



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