l'isle joyeuse

back to school

Posted on: January 7, 2010

it’s back to school after two weeks of relaxation and no classes… i don’t have the motivation to go to class at all =w= what with the wind being so cold outside and me feeling lethargic and sleepy all the time…

all the new year postcards i’ve received. and yes, that’s a new year postcard with ohchan on it! >w< (it’s from the japanese woman i met during the concert)

on the way from my dorm to uni, there are cute tokujou kabachi posters with sho-chan on them >w< i can't wait! and posters for yamato nadeshiko shichihenge as well! i don’t like kame and tegoshi all that much but i loved the manga a lot so… i’m looking forward to it!


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