l'isle joyeuse

spring has come

Posted on: April 23, 2010

along with the rain.

it’s been raining the past few days and the temperature dropped instantly within the first hour of rain so i still don’t quite feel spring in the air just yet, but the flowers are all starting the bloom! i took some photos this morning when i went grocery shopping in the rain 🙂

recently, there have been many weird arashi related coincidences in my classes… i never realized watching arashi would let me learn so much >w<

1. hana ichi monme was mentioned in my haiku class and i actually could sing the song =w= thank you shukudai-kun!

2. the phrase tenki ame (meaning “rain on a sunny/fine day”) was also mentioned in my haiku class… thank you marathon!

3. the word samidare (meaning “early summer rain”) in literature class >w< thank you nino!

4. the kanji for appeared in one of the haiku we were studying >w< one of the rare times i knew the reading of a kanji compared to my friends who were better at it, without looking it up on my electronic dictionary… thank you shochan!

… i can’t remember the rest but there were definitely a lot of arashi-related coincidences in my classes this week!

in other news, more misfortune has fallen upon my laptop 😦 the screen has gone all crazy and i’m beginning to feel like buying a new one, but that would mean a japanese one, with its funky japanese keyboard and weird settings… i should probably go fix it, along with the malfunctioning keys on my keyboard… but i keep worrying about how much it would cost and how long it would take >o<;; i hate electronical problems!


4 Responses to "spring has come"

nice pictures 🙂 Did you get your lap-top fixed? It might be quite pricing yah!?

i bought a new one hahah! too much trouble fixing it… it’s quite old for a laptop anyway…

No longer under warranty?

hahah it’s been almost four years!

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