l'isle joyeuse

two more days till spring vacation!

Posted on: January 28, 2010

it was the last day for one of my japanese classes today so we took a photo! that’s our sensei with the light blue scarf hahah! =w= after we took this i realized that this angle makes me look somewhat distorted! hmm…

after that i went to shinjuku to reserve a limited edition copy of the new single, troublemaker! which is only going to be released on 3/3. why so far away?! there had better be a new album in the making, because new album = tour = concert. i just hope it starts before i leave. i will get tickets and go, no matter where it is. i’m that sad 😦

the dvd for nino‘s drama special, 天国で君に逢えたら tengoku de kimi ni aetara ~tears in heaven~ is going to be released on 3/3 as well!

i can see the workers at tower records being all confused about preorders for the new single. he must thinking that i’m some sort of lunatic, because news about the new single was just released this morning! =w= they have not even prepared the printed preorder forms so i wrote mine in hahah!


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