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:) saturdate

Posted on: October 12, 2009

went out with azrie on saturday, and even though it rained when i left my dorm, it stopped after i reached tower records in shinjuku. we were supposed to meet up at ikebukuro but i wanted to preorder the new single and the dvd so i went there first, and in the end azrie came to meet me since he was running late.

a rare sight! traditional street performers in tokyo! not too sure but they look like chindonya performers… they were playing ““sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana” though XD

♥ i preordered the limited edition ♥

i’m really amused by the title of this album

lunch was kitsune udon in shinjuku

the police box across the street from the ikebukuro station looks like an owl!

😀 i was so tempted to buy the ze and love mode drama cds but i have no money lol

♥♥♥ korilakkuma ♥♥♥

thanks for the crepe!

the weather was really awesome despite the early morning rain

shibuya at night

lol i couldn’t stop giggling when i saw this and had to take a photo to show the nehs

being swept along with the human waves at the scramble crossing

trying to get a proper shot of the scramble crossing, we went to starbucks but it was really difficult, so this was the best i could do…

thank you for the keychains too!

finally, i got to eat maguro in japan ;w; i wish there was more rice though…

close up of the awesomeness. the colors look great, huh?

purikura time! i’m getting addicted to it! ❤ it's fun!!! and it always make me look good XD coincidentally, this was the same place the crossdressing boys from gakkou e ikou! came to take purikura XD

another attempt at the scramble crossing, this time from the station

my first cream puff ❤ it's yummy! i might just get addicted to this as well…

it was fun!!! i love uniqlo hahah… I bought a parka and a stole/scarf ❤


2 Responses to ":) saturdate"

Japan looks like a cool place to visit

hahaha! i just noticed the picture you took with your name “LANEY,P power to the music! ” that is soooooo awesome…hahah!

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