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backlog: 2010.5.30

yokohama is one of my favourite places for day trips; the sea breeze, the peaceful tree-lined streets with coffee shops, the artsy little shops that sells wooden spoons with rabbits carved on top. i’m not surprised it’s such a popular dating spot for couples, especially after sunset where it sparkles with colourful lights that blink cheerfully (。◕‿‿◕。)

on this day, i started my journey by getting off at 桜木町 sakuragicho, which is the title of a yuzu song.

after that, i took the bus to the red brick warehouse >w< i've been wanting to visit for a very long time but never had the chance or time to. the 赤いくつ red shoe buses run around yokohama‘s famous spots and it costs 100円 each time you get on, no matter how far you travel.

arrival at the red brick warehouse. i had no idea what it REALLY was, so i was pleasantly surprised when i stepped inside.

lush! you can smell it from miles away ヾ(((´*゜∀゜*`)))ノシ i wish i bought more lush before coming home… it’s my dream to have my house smell like lush

more lush goodies!!!

there are a lot of small restaurants and cafes inside 🙂

cute little interior shops that make me want to have my own house~

there was a shop where everything in there has a rabbit motif. it’s creepy yet adorable at the same time.

i moved to chinatown after some shopping at the red brick warehouse! chinatown always smells like home – the steaming buns, the red lanterns, the chattering old ladies, the old messy shop selling chinese herbs and medicine.

santa claus in chinatown seems a bit out of place, though. it feels like a horror movie gone wrong.

back at shibuya. it’s funny how it feels like home, despite me being a foreigner.

high school boys on their way back from sports practice 🙂 i love japanese school uniforms, with their matching sports bags and parka jackets.

i bought an adorable two-tiered wooden accessory box at the red brick warehouse for 1050円 (`・ω・´)ノシ 


japanese students in their summer uniforms. in japan, it’s a tradition to change all long-sleeved winter uniforms to short-sleeved summer ones. this tradition is called “更衣 koromogae,” which literally means “changing of one’s seasonal clothes,” and usually happens on the 1st of july every year. this doesn’t apply only to school students, but to train station attendants, postal office workers and other professions as well.

my first yukata of the year 🙂 uniqlo has begun selling them, and i immediately fell in love with this one. they get cheaper as summer goes by, but i decided to get this one because it was so pretty and there are chances that they might be sold out when the sales come along.

two more weeks till captain‘s arrival 🙂

i went out for a walk this morning because i wanted to go to the central post office to get boxes to send my winter clothing home, and since the weather was really good i brought my camera along to take photos of the spring flowers! 🙂

i love the colours in this photo!!!

it’s cute that postboxes are all red all over the world

daisies by the roadside

another version of the japanese camelia


i bought 2 boxes from the post office, because they looked quite small to me… as it turns out, i could stuff more things in it than expected :O i have no perception of space… it was about 5600yen for a box that was 10.7kg ;_;

i also stopped by uniqlo before that and finally got a cardigan >w< i love the colours in uniqlo – i feel like having one item in every colour!!! i fell in love with a pair of really comfortable linen pants, but they were too long for me T_T oh short legs!

starbucks is selling the cutest bearistas ever! it seems like the destination for starbucks this year is japan, so this is a special version for 2010. i’ll get one soon!

it costs 2000yen each

after almost one week without a laptop, my new laptop has arrived! it’s so much bigger than my old one, so watching videos on it feels really awesome >w< it looks so much more professional than vista ♥ even my wallpaper looks prettier hahah! the only thing is that my display language is japanese… it’ll take some time getting used to it!

i’m looking forward to golden week! not travelling anywhere in particular but i’m planning to explore tokyo >w<

the new spring semester has started and what better way to start it than with some arashi love!!! i went to collect my 5×10 dvd after i finished my classes on the first day!

finally… after 4 months of waiting!!!

>w< it's a strange feeling

the poster that comes with the dvd. i would have preferred a booklet ;_;

i have too much to talk about the concert but i shall spare my normal readers the spazzing and fangirling so i’ll just list down the reasons why i think dome > kokuritsu XD (of course, kokuritsu is epic fun and there are lots of awesome moments but…)

– no acappella kansha kangeki ame arashi for opening
aibachan‘s solo had more impact in dome… explosions + popup stage entrance, anyone?
– no ohmiya in hitomi no naka no galaxy
– actually, no ohmiya throughout the whole concert…
– no balloons in kumori nochi, kaisei
– no dancing in truth
– no crack fun in fight song
– no boku ga boku no subete!!
– audience weren’t as pumped up during attack it!!

… okay to be fair, the dvd had lots of surprises that i was totally not expecting so it’s still fun to watch >w< i was NOT expecting that thing that happened during pika☆nchi in the medley XD if you’ve watched the dvd you’ll know what i’m talking about. fireworks were pretty impressive too!!! *o* believe was really awesome, what with all the overhead shots…

i’m really glad i went ♥

i went out to shibuya yesterday with azrie to have some sushi for lunch :3 the au poster has been taken down but now there’s a nice big poster of tokujou kabachi!! it’s so sad that i won’t be around in japan when ooku and gantz comes out T_T i want to stay in japan forever!!!

my new toy ♥ i’ve been wanting one for ages and since the mp3 software for my japanese cellphone doesn’t work with my laptop, i figured, “why not?” i wanted to get the sony ericsson one because i’m not a big fan of mac but i can’t, because it’s made for japanese computers 😦 this is the newest from the ipod nano series. i bought the 8gb version for 14,800円

i bought a classic black one because they don’t have a red one, and then bought a red case for it ♥ it looks tough enough to withstand the impact if i ever dropped it ^^ i really wanted to name it kazu but because my hard drive is already named kazu, i named it kazu II (couldn’t think of any other names). now i’ve finally thought of a name and i don’t know how to rename it ;_; how stupid am i?! i want to name it kouichi, after nino‘s character in ryuusei no kizuna. somebody tell me how to rename it! thank you angel hahah! i keep right-clicking that it didn’t occur to me that i could technically rename it by double-clicking instead =w=;;

;w; i can finally listen to arashi (other than on my laptop)! i LOVE how the album cover is displayed… i wonder how it works? because i want the cover for each album to be displayed but it only works for certain albums, hmm… figured it out!!!

i especially love the album cover for my girl! it looks awesome on the ipod ♥

i uploaded all my favourite pvs into it too >w<

AND it comes equipped with a videocamera function!!! not that i’ll ever use it, but i just wanted to show how stupidly excited i am over things like these =w=

i bought the 8gb version because it’s cheaper and i didn’t think i would ever need that much storage, but when i came back and uploaded all my crap into it, i realized just how MUCH arashi i have…

edit : i’ve been playing with it all day and i figured out another awesome feature :

★☆★☆ *tears of joy*

went out to harajuku with tsu at 8:30 to get a time slip to enter the johnny’s shop and was rewarded with this =w=

it was so bizzare to see nobody at harajuku. but of course, it’s too early and all the shops are not open except for the idol shops…

after buying my photos, we went to 明治神宮 meiji jingu for a third new year’s visit lol

it’s weird how normally people never wash their hands at the shrine, but all of them crowd around to do so during their new year’s visit haha!

it was already the 8th day of the new year and yet there are so many people visiting!!!

amulets, good luck charms and the like

i think one of the reasons why so many people came to visit today was because the weather was so good

as you can see, i really like this outfit ♥

^o^ hi there

in line to toss my coin into the coinbox and pray for what i pray for at every shrine i go to

yet another line. people lining up to buy their fortunes

wrote my wishes for the year and dropped them into the box

bad luck? no worries, just leave them at the shrine to be purified!

i bought two pairs of shoes today as well ♥

today’s happiness. i need an album now. they used to sell albums at previous concerts, but not anymore, why T_T a 5×10 album would be AWESOME ♥

i’m actually watching 最後の約束 saigo no yakusoku right now as i blog and it was just revealed who the terrorists are. i am beyond shocked right now, my brain is not working and i have no words to say o_o

oh well maybe i do have a few words :


on the morning of christmas eve, i stopped by the newly-renovated shrine near my dorm to check out the new year market 🙂

mochi, or glutinous rice for new year’s celebration

because 2010 is the year of the tiger, there were lots of tiger stuff on sale too :3

a new, modern twist on an old, traditional… thing. they had a machine that reads palms and have your results up on the computer screen =w= i am constantly amused by the many things i see here in japan lol

after that we headed towards odaiba! my second time at fujiTV, and i was tempted to buy this adorable eyeball-shaped mochi >w< from the ge ge ge no kitaro series

a new corner! nodame cantabile goods!

sunset in odaiba. my second sunset in a row for the week

the new vs arashi display ♥

random cup noodle photo hahah… fujiTV is filled with quirky stuff

a beautiful day… the weather was awesome!

the stairs leading towards aqua city was lighted-up and if you look at it from afar, it looks like a christmas tree!

christmas lights

awesome backdrop! lots of couples were lining up to take photos here hahah =w=

rainbow bridge, statue of liberty and tokyo bay!

all is still and peaceful on the waterfront of tokyo bay

close-up of rainbow bridge and tokyo tower

after a while, the lights all started to light up!

breathtaking! ♥

as oh-chan would say… 絶好調超!♥

after the light show, i turned my camera to night-view mode to see how the photos would turn out…

🙂 i could look at this forever… but the malls are calling to me! last-minute christmas sales!

dinner at goemon 🙂 after eating, we went on a shopping spree!!! i got a snuggly red-and-black plaid parka from gap, since it was 50% off ♥


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