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i finally received the parcel becki sent for my birthday a few days ago, and it really was well worth the wait. it was such an awesome present that i am still smiling everytime i think about it right now. i love you becki!

there are instructions and words written on the flaps of the box 😀 these were the order in which i was supposed to open the presents inside the box. each present was wrapped up in different colours ♥

i feel the ♥

she warned me it was like a rainbow threw up inside the box, and she wasn’t kidding 😀 it smelled really good (even from the outside) too!

birthday card ♥♥♥

it’s so pretty!!!

first box ♥

lush!!! shower jelly and massage bar ♥

second box ♥

purple lipgloss befitting of jun

third box ♥

more lush goodies! hair and body gel, and some soap

fourth box! ♥

this was such an awesome awesome surprise!

my favourite perfume which i can never find here in malaysia O_O

i love the bottle, it’s so pretty!!!

fifth!!! frogs on a yellow background ♥

she was so sneaky >w< she got me new shop photos!!!

each present had small colour-coded tags attached to them!!!

they were all “messages” from the members hahahahah i couldn’t stop laughing 😀 so cute!

my favourite ♥♥♥

there were 2 more, a blue one with dolphins and one more with poker cards on it 😀 she got me the tekkon kinkreet copy of H and a wink up with oh-chan on the cover!!! ♥♥♥

thank you so much becki!!! ♥ ベッキ、大スキ!♥


happy easter everyone! it’s late by one day, but i’ve received adorable easter love from the land down under from bec!!!

i ♥ mail!

thank you so much! >w< hiro is pleased too!

i don’t have the heart to eat the rabbit TwT

hahah the card was funny too XD

🙂 i ate one of the carrot chocolate sticks!

i’m watching hana yori dango reruns on the tv now and have once again realized how big of a factor it plays in helping the spread of arashi love… jun is my least favourite member but i must admit he was really good in hanadan ‘o’ i am quite fond of the awkward and clumsy, yet hopelessly romantic and shy character of doumyouji

i came back from exploring yesterday to find that the package bec sent has finally arrived!!!

the moment i popped it open, there was a really nice smell >w<

everything in the box was lovingly wrapped separately in pink bubblewrap!

with a cute letter

all the love i got from the land down under!!! tim tams, chocolates, scented soap, lip balm and the dream a-live caterpillar that she made herself ♥♥♥ i feel so loved! thank you so much bec!

hiro with his new friend

hiro is happy!!! i am happy too!!! look forward to my next package!

hiro is happy! so am i! >w<

thank you my nehs for the wooden postcard!!! i didn’t know you could send a wooden postcard hahaha!!! amazing!!! i miss you guys too! lots of outings and food when i come back okay! and i will dress you guys up in graduation kimonos and i’ll take nice formal graduation photos for you, so work hard!!! がんばれ!

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i had oden for supper last night, and for lunch today >w<

i got something in the mail today *O*

chinese new year card from my classmates!!!

>w< thank you so much! this totally made my day!!!

it’s back to school after two weeks of relaxation and no classes… i don’t have the motivation to go to class at all =w= what with the wind being so cold outside and me feeling lethargic and sleepy all the time…

all the new year postcards i’ve received. and yes, that’s a new year postcard with ohchan on it! >w< (it’s from the japanese woman i met during the concert)

on the way from my dorm to uni, there are cute tokujou kabachi posters with sho-chan on them >w< i can't wait! and posters for yamato nadeshiko shichihenge as well! i don’t like kame and tegoshi all that much but i loved the manga a lot so… i’m looking forward to it!

saw this on the kitchen table today XD whatever it is, someone apparently took it.

☆♥☆♥☆ CHRISTMAS CARD ☆♥☆♥☆

from darling bec!!! thank you love, you have no idea how happy this made me… i was screaming for about 5 minutes, from the mailbox all the way up to my room.

the best christmas card in the world, for it is made of WIN and filled with all sorts of AWESOME ♥

i’m so glad we met!!! i can’t wait to see you again ♥


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