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高野山 mount koya

Posted on: June 2, 2010

backlog : 2010.05.22

the next day, i woke up around 6:00, got myself ready, and left the hostel at 7:00 to catch an early train to 高野山 mount koya, which is located in an 800 m high valley amid the eight peaks of the mountain. it took a really, REALLY long time to get there from kyoto, which is to be expected considering it’s in another prefecture… it took me no less than 3 hours to get there by train!

on the train to mount koya. i was so sleepy… the weather was cloudy and cool, and there were not many people on the trains so i managed to get a corner seat ❤

on the way there, i spotted a train station with a really amusing name and couldn’t resist getting off to take a photo!

all my reflection photos turn out really unclear that day 😦

so in the end i settled for a shot of my clothes and shoes on the train platform

there was also a buddhist priest on his way back home XD

in the cable car on the way up to mount koya. let me proclaim my love for the surutto kansai pass once again : it covers EVERYTHING on my trip, and i mean everything – even the cable cars! there were a lot of french people in the cable car though… they were chattering excitedly in french and snapping photos every single second.

my first stop was the 奥の院 okunoin, a huge maosoleum with graveyards and memorial tombs for famous (and the not so famous as well) japanese people. it’s a bit unnerving to see the japanese taking photos of the tombs and even making double peace signs in front of them, because back home in malaysia everyone’s mother and grandmother would totally get on your case for taking photos of graveyards 😀

a super cute gecko. it ran away after a small boy went too near trying to get a photo of it… i wish i could have taken a closer one too, the focus is all off in this one

one of the many tombs at okunoin. i lost count of the number of tombs and gravestones i photographed. this one belongs to the kaga family, which is really well-known in japanese history!

hiro at mount koya! the cedar trees were so tall and provided ample of shade for visitors… it helps that the weather is cool too!

amulet and charms on temple pillars

i found this really cute – the signboard next to it says “ひとりぼっち地蔵 hitoribocchi jizo” which means “lonesome jizo” 😀 he was pretty lonesome, all by himself!

the whole maosoleum was surrounded by cedar trees!

most of them date back to 2000 years ago…

origami cranes along the way

my everlasting love affair with inari gates

an intricate wooden carving of a beam supporter… really interesting!

i went to most of the important unesco sites, but i’m trying not to post photos of every single temple simply because they all look the same in photos! do not ask me why is that so, it just happens 😀

finally, reflective surface!

i love red

when in mount koya, eat traditional buddhist vegetarian food!

the amount of greenery at mount koya is so refreshing!

根本大塔 konpon daito, a pagoda that (according to wikipedia) represents the central point of a mandala covering not only mount koya but all of japan, according to shingon doctrine. it was HUGE D: i couldn’t fit myself in the photo…

still waters at the gardens of konpon daito. have i mentioned how much i love red?

like arashiyama in kyoto, mount koya is also very famous for autumn foliage

it’s so bizzare to see red leaves in spring/summer. i suppose these are the maple leaves that are red all year round?

hiro on buddha‘s right palm

a most appropriate typo

i. love. red.

after walking around in mount koya and refreshing my body and soul, it’s back to the city again…

and i headed straight to 祇園 gion for some shopping, despite being knocked off my feet

gion at night. always magical.

dinner 🙂 i love this place! this is my second time here. the sukiyaki is heavenly!

gion shines and sparkles at night 🙂 it’s so misleading because even though all the lights are on, the shops close really early, around 8:30 or 9:00 D: i want to do more shopping!


3 Responses to "高野山 mount koya"

nice photos as usual 🙂 it made me wanna go to jap more and more :((((

love those photos of red leaves you took, so touching. :”>

btw would you mind me asking a small question? how can you get those curved edge of your photos? by photoshop?

thank you for your comment! i love red leaves too!
the curved edges are done by an online photo editor, picnik.

thanx for answering :”> i’ll try picnik someday 😀

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