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lazy sundays + happy meals

Posted on: May 17, 2010

i went to 巣鴨 sugamo after lunch to look around before meeting up with alse and her sister for dinner!

instead of fashionable youngsters chilling it out on the streets, old folks chat with each other about nothing and everything

the とげぬき地蔵 togenuki jizou is really famous here so they’ve made the jizou statue the unofficial mascot of sugamo

there is definitely a LOT of old people at sugamo, they were not kidding when they called it “harajuku for the old folks”…

things i like about japan #67713057283 : the fact that they close the roads on weekends

red underwear anyone? it gives you energy and power

the temple with the togenuki jizou

the aforementioned jizou statues

an old man at a seafood produce store 🙂 i quite like this shot!

🙂 表参道 omotesando

the restaurant we picked 🙂 it was quite hidden!

a really nice japanese restaurant called 楽食酒圓 rakushokushu maru! i made a reservation for 6pm and we arrived right on time >w<

the restaurant was underground, and it looked sort of like a dive :O kind of daunting at first look, but it turned out to be the right place

the beginning of an amazing experience

pure tomato sweet marinade

lotus root soup with mochi

sashimi platter

japanese-style asparagus

sweet bamboo shoots with tofu

assorted beans with fish… thing…

tender beef cheek meat *O* it was really really soft and tender!

🙂 the pretty waitress that served us. here she is with the claypot rice!

pickled vegetables

we ate the rice with miso soup and pickled vegetables

i ate mine as ochazuke, by pouring hot green tea over it ❤

dessert! the most amazing caramel pudding

the bill came in a really pretty fabric book-cover like thing

a really thoughtful gesture! we did not finish the rice that was in our pot and in the end they made it into a riceball for us to bring home *o* oh japan, why are you so wonderful?!

it’s so nice to finally meet alse after chatting with her online for many years!!!

on the streets of omotesando at night! it was quite cool 🙂

omotesando sparkles at night!

thank you alse for the amazing treat – i’m looking forward to meeting you again!!!


2 Responses to "lazy sundays + happy meals"

😀 So very happy to have met you too! It really was an amazing dinner– and thank you for taking the time to meet us — we had SUCH a lot of fun!

i’m looking forward to meeting you again! ❤

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