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change of seasons

Posted on: May 15, 2010

it’s the second week of may now and even though it’s still officially spring, the temperature has been rising gradually but surely, and i can feel summer creeping in on to us!

my laptop died just before golden week, and i made my way to the university computer lab many times, during weekends and even at night after dinner, to use the internet. on the way there, i took some photos!

the way to university was really beautiful, with a row of yaezakura trees, and the ground was often carpetted with soft pink petals!

so fleetingly pretty

i wonder how many years, how many springs, it has been, since the cherry blossom petals have been embedded into the ground.

it’s a bit of a waste to see them get trampled on though 😦

🙂 goodbye spring!

now, all the pink has disappeared and a lot of green can be seen everywhere, be it real trees, or shopping malls and shops! on thursday, i went on a walk with my haiku class to “get inspiration for haiku,” according to my teacher 😀

we went to a garden that was actually in one of the hotels nearby waseda university

classmates 🙂

this pagoda looks out of place in the middle of metropolitan tokyo

my neverending love affair with inari shrines

after strolling the gardens, we left 🙂 it was a good thing the weather was good!

look at the blue sky and fluffy white clouds!

the sky reflected on the surface of the kanda river 🙂

the kanda river that flows through waseda is really pretty, especially during spring when all the cherry blossom trees along both sides of the river bloom

this week went by really fast, and it makes me really sad to think that i will have to go home in two months 😦 i don’t ever want to leave japan, but i suppose happy things must come to an end somehow!

but this also means that summer will arrive soon. and summer means…

captain and kazu‘s epic summer adventure!!!


6 Responses to "change of seasons"

I’m listening to V6’s Darling while reading your blog and it makes a perfect Sunday. I think I will be looking at your blog very often. I always feel inspired when I see your photos. The pagoda is gorgeous and the pink petals are really pretty scattered on the road like that. Japanese life is very lyrical, don’t you think? Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences. I love seeing Japan through your eyes. 🙂

thank you so much for your comment, it really made my day! i personally love reading blogs about foreign countries as well so if my entries have somehow helped inspired you or made you feel better, that would be really great.

it’s really too bad that i will have to go home in two months’ time… but it was a really eye-opening experience while it lasted! but i think wherever i will be, i will continue blogging about the things i see and experienced 🙂

thank you so much again!

And I will continue checking on your blog. I’m sure you will miss Japan. It’s an unforgettable place. 🙂

i can never get enough of japan! i’m planning to come back again 🙂 thank you for reading my blog again! ❤

Lovely photos as usual! I love Chinzansou’s garden too…very lovely place to have a walk 🙂

We have to catch up before you go back…but most of my weekends in May are filled up 😮 Maybe June!?

We definitely have to! First weekend of June okay with you? 🙂 I’m going to miss you when I go home too!!!

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