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群馬県 gunma prefecture

Posted on: May 11, 2010

yesterday i took the train to 群馬県 gunma prefecture 🙂 it was a really long journey but not as expensive as expected, plus the weather was really good. it was really hot for spring – it really felt like i was back home again!!!

waseda –> [tozai line] –> otemachi –> [chiyoda line] –> kita-senju –> [tobu isesaki line] –> tatebayashi –> [tobu kiryu] –> akagi

gunma is filled with mountains, rice paddy fields and cars – gunma has the highest proportion of car owners among all prefectures in Japan

it feels really refreshing to see all the green, compared to the concrete jungle that is tokyo. it soothes the soul somewhat

川俣 kawamata town. from tokyo, the train passes through 埼玉県 saitama prefecture before going into 群馬県 gunma prefecture and this was the first gunma station!

so pretty!

reporting in from gunma! trivia : gunma was the backdrop for one of my favourite anime series, initial d!

gunma is surrounded by mountains all around! oh if only i had a car i would be able to go to the mountains and look at the hairpin courses with the leftover tyre tracks…

hiro is excited – after a really, REALLY long train ride(s), we’ve finally reached 赤城 akagi, home of the akagi red suns!

my first time seeing a white post box! :O according to the kanji, it’s for “harmful post” @_@;;

gas station 😀 initial d fans might get it

really sunny… i was sweating @_@;;

a lot of tyre tracks :O akagi youngsters, where are you?!

a lot of sports cars in akagi! but most of the time they were too fast for me to take any photos D:

taken from the middle of the railroad crossing

after exploring akagi for a bit, i gave up on looking for ways to get to the mountains because it’s too far and i definitely need a car to get there

the trains on the way to gunma were full of old folks, but on the way back to 館林 tatebayashi, there was nearly nobody on the trains!

a scenery that caught my eye. the train doors opened, and a gust of cool wind blew through – a perfect moment… i felt like getting off the train at that very moment

i got off at 館林 tatebayashi and saw something amusing 😀

… and something disturbing…

there was a flower festival in tatebayashi so the whole town was decorated with flowers

gunma is filled with lots of greenery!

also, there was a carp streamer exhibition along the 鶴生田川 tsuruuda river, which is one of the main rivers in the prefecture

there were thousands of them along the river! the big ones along the riverbank had drawings on them by local students, they were really colourful!

beautiful… i want to be a boy too!

i found an opening by the riverbank and sneaked in to take this shot

i really like this one – the grandmother was carrying her grandson on her back and the both of them were looking up at the carp streamers in silence in the afternoon sun

the poster says that it’s japan‘s best carp streamer exhibition, and i agree!

a boy looking around for his father… this is what happens when you get too absorbed looking at the carp streamers! 😀

my favourite shot of the day, probably. it’s so hard to capture children because they move around so fast, but i love photographing children. they have a really wide variety of expressions!

nice cars in gunma! the only places i can catch them would be when they stop at the traffic lights, because they’re super fast!!!

another one 😀 it’s amazing how young kids here in gunma here can afford nice cars :O

and i end my post today with a shot of a skyline 🙂 the kids that were driving it parked it at the roadside and went to a cafe nearby to have gelato


6 Responses to "群馬県 gunma prefecture"

This is the side of Japan I didn’t get the chance to see! Oh how I miss Japan! Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos! 🙂

thank you! ❤ i could never get enough of japan!

I love the carp streamers~ ❤

i am a carp streamer fan 😀

uwaaa, initial d much XD

wheres takumi??? 😀

u r so lucky to be in japan =)

fyi, ive been following ur blog for a while now, but i didnt get the chance to comment because usually i read though my phone XD

i was so happy when i found ur blog ” owh my fellow malaysian who’ve been to japan and most importantly is an arashi fanXD XD XD”

p/s: ive noticed the changes of format of the pictures u put ! so prettyyyyyy ❤

Thank you so much for reading my blog! ❤
I decided to change the format because I liked this version better 🙂

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