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電車での一人旅 solitary journey on the train

Posted on: May 9, 2010

yesterday i went to 保土ヶ谷 hodogaya to look for the church featured in maou and was supposed to go exploring in sakuragicho as well, but right after i found the church, it started raining so i decided to go train-hopping instead to collect stamps! 🙂

takadanobaba –> [yamanote line] –> shibuya –> [tokyu toyoko line] –> yokohama –> [yokosuka line] –> hodogaya

i saw this on the train… a really cute bag!

the best reflective surface i could find in hodogaya hahah!

it’s gradually getting warmer but spring is still in the air

garden decorations

i love the colours in this shot 🙂

a really nice stairway up the hill. somehow this shot reminds me of itoshii kimi e

this made my day ♥♥♥ :p

green houses 🙂 it must be really convenient to have a postbox right outside your own house

classic cars

a nice playground right on top of the hill! it overlooks the whole city >w<

保土ヶ谷カトリック教会 hodogaya catholic church

it was a friday so there was actually nobody there, but they were preparing for an event so i didn’t want to be too much of a bother

it looks really pretty on the inside!

it was a cloudy day, which was really too bad because i would be able to see the sunlight streaming in through the stained-glass windows if it was sunnier

even so, it was really beautiful and tranquil…

i am always entranced by japanese wisterias

the same house that had the cat decoration earlier. i saw this hiding in between the bushes on the way back 😀

it’s not winter anymore, but i love my snowflake necklace

it started raining so i figured it would be no use trying to get off at any stations to explore, and started train-hopping to collect stamps since i don’t have many stamps from outside tokyo

the benches at 横須賀 yokusuka

i find this really amusing. it’s polite and nice for a warning sign XD

a lot of schoolchildren on the trains, since it was a friday evening. school was just over so i guess a lot of them were on their way home 🙂 one of the girls had a 5×10 strap on her cellphone XD

i spotted the name of this station on the huge JR line train map when i was in the train, and couldn’t resist!!! it was really far away though. i find it funny that a lot of schoolgirls got off at this station too.

the colour even matches >w< ♥


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