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田園調布 denenchofu

Posted on: May 7, 2010

backlog : 2010.05.03

i went out on an adventure! 🙂 after finding out that the mansion used as masamune-kun‘s apartment in the my girl drama was in a small town called 田園調布 denenchofu, i decided to set out to look for it!

the houses in my neighbourhood had their carp streamers out :3

a sign at the local shrine : may they grow up healthily!

takadanobaba –> [yamanote line] –> meguro –> [tokyu meguro line] –> denenchofu

🙂 i arrived at a surprisingly quiet and pretty town!

i have no idea why but it reminds me of a western country…

foreigners often complain about how hard it is to find places in japan due to the messy layout of the address system, but i find it quite helpful! i find places quite easily with these little blue signs and the signs painted on lamp poles along the street

🙂 the apartment where masamune-kun lived at! it’s actually an unused western building that belongs to the house next to it

wisteria in the gardens

take a peek through the fence 🙂

i found an opening, so i went in!

the main entrance

the decorative birdhouse hung on a tree branch. this birdhouse was photographed in the my girl fanbook as well!

really pretty flowers that look like cherry blossoms, but i don’t think they are…

this sort of looks like a scene out of an english book!

hiro lazing in one of the birdcages >w<


even the flowers by the roadside are dancing in the spring breeze!

so happy!

this looks like a very expensive neighbourhood to live in

not many people walking around too…

tea time at lepi dor 🙂

i found out about it online and even though it looks intimidating on the outside, it’s actually a pretty affordable place!

i ordered the millefeulle and the gateau fraise

a close up of the gateau fraise. they used real whole strawberries in between the layers!!! *o*

the best millefeulle in the world

i love my rabbit brooch

the main sales counter downstairs at the patisserie 🙂

the other side of town

is it just me, or does it look like an old cowboy movie setting?

in front of a (closed) cafe. i understand the sign about no smoking, but the one about drugs…

the cutest sign ever

多摩川 tama river

a nice building at 狛江 komae!

i love the colour gradiations!

carp streamers are everywhere :O they love their boys huh?

this house is really awesome, they have wisteria hanging over their front gates *O*

a traditional good old barber


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