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自由が丘 jiyuugaoka

Posted on: May 6, 2010


today’s destination : 自由が丘 jiyuugaoka! random little tidbit about this place : this was where totto-chan‘s school, tomoe was located at.

takadanobaba –> [yamanote line] –> shibuya –> [tokyu toyoko line] –> jiyuugaoka

there was a sweets festival and next to the main stage there was a cute little house made out of real sweets!

it was the last day of golden week, and the streets were filled with people

i don’t know if it’s an everyday thing or if it only happens on holidays and weekends, but there were a lot of roadside stalls and booths

i saw a celebrity today! if i’m not mistaken, he’s a regular on the news? i remember seeing him in one of the earlier episodes of himitsu no arashi-chan :p

i love this place – filled with narrow shopping streets with cute craft shops mixed in with the bigger, more established names!

a maneki neko specialty shop hahah! so bizzare!

i went crazy in jiyuugaoka… so many adorable little shops!

cute stationery as well! i feel like buying everything i see…

japanese people seem to love them so much 🙂

how are you feeling today?

jiyuugaoka has not enough reflective surfaces :p

fresh off the grill! 😀

some of the cutest chopsticks i’ve ever seen

really pretty glass chopstick holders

relaxing cats!

i took this when i was walking across the railway 🙂

tea time ❤ i popped into a cafe called la mille

i ordered the half-and-half set, where you can choose two different cakes and a drink. i chose the millefeulle and fromage blanc… with earl gray tea

with early gray tea. the set is 1400円, which is pretty worth it because one cake is about 550円 to 600円, and one pot of tea is about 900円. i actually chose two different cakes and the waiter suggested that i take the set because it’s cheaper that way 🙂

🙂 my cute little apple! ♥

the weather was good, plus it’s the last day of golden week, so there were a lot of people out strolling with their family and pets!

these two dogs were so gorgeous ♥

a really sweet schnauzer

ice cream, anyone? it was 25degrees today!

a really funky shop 🙂

the cutest carp streamer, made out of balloons!

after that, i stumbled onto a little street that leads to a really fabulous place…

the bars that prevent bicycles, bikes and cars from entering the road has little birds attached to them. i really like how jiyuugaoka seem to have that personal touch that i have not seen in any other places

you’ve seen revolving carparks – what about revolving bicycleparks? (okay i’m sure that’s not a real word, but you get what i mean…)

the shops here have the best kitchenware ♥

a disgruntled looking chihuahua peeking out at the evening sun from his master’s backpack. i held my finger out to him and he laid his chin on it, hahah!

i fell in love with a lifestyle store called natural kitchen. the kitchenware and utensils are really unique and pretty, and most importantly, affordable! there were a lot of 105円 items! i really want a house of my own now…

i want these in my house next time – stirrers with knitted little chicks and goats on top! ♥

hiro found a street named after him! >w<

not enough reflective surfaces to take photos of myself so in the end i resorted to selfcam, even though i’m really bad with camera angles!

this kid was lying down on the ground watching the performance on the main stage in front of the station hahah! i am forever amazed at japanese kids and their apple-red cheeks!

i love this shot a lot – there’s a lot of warmth and unspoken gentleness in it…

taken at shibuya on the way back to my dorm 🙂 very interesting…

🙂 it was a good day


4 Responses to "自由が丘 jiyuugaoka"

Wonderful photos as usual! 😀
25 degrees?! It’s 37 here in North Queensland, Australia today. T.T

Thank you so much for your comment 🙂 It made my day!
It’s gradually getting warmer here, I don’t feel spring in the air anymore… Bring back the wind, Japan!!!

:O 37 is crazy!!! Don’t get dehydrated – lots of water ❤

extremely love you entry and photos xDDDDDDDDD. they make me wanna go to jap more and more :(((((

btw it’s same here in vietnam, almost 38 -______-

thanks for your comment! 🙂
wow, vietnam sounds really hot! :O you’ll have to drink lots of water 😀

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