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高円寺 koenji

Posted on: May 4, 2010

after visiting asagaya, i went to have tea at 高円寺 koenji ♥ i really love downtown shitamachi areas!!! also, i’ve recently fallen in love with the 1960s filter… it makes everything so magical! i’ve used the filter on the photos from koenji and am amazed at how beautiful they look, like they were taken a long, long time ago ♥ i think i’ll start using the filters from now on instead of adjusting the exposure!

koenji was surprisingly crowded that day – there was some bazaar-like event going on and i bumped into this guy on the way from the station to the cafe!

into the shopping streets i go!

a maple tree that has permenant red leaves, even in spring

there were a lot of shops having stands and stuff outside! this one was outside a drinking place >w<

my destination. doesn’t it look magical?!

hattifnatt. an art-cafe of sorts that i fell in love with!

the entrance. most of the cafe is handcrafted/handpainted. it gives off a warm personal touch! (captain, you might have to bend down a little to get yourself into the cafe hahah!)

all the walls on the inside were handpainted with animals with a forest as the backdrop

it’s a nice place for a date or just for a bunch of friends to hang out, but it can get really packed during the weekends and lunch times, so i would suggest going early!

sweet stuff

the menus were also very adorable – they had a handdrawn list of stuff used in drinks, like little cows for milk.

so much work in each menu!

the menu was in a felt-covered book and instead of number tabs for each table, they give you a handcrafted wooden spoon with a picture painted on it. after you’re done eating, you bring it downstairs to the counter 🙂

i ordered the luxurious chocolate dessert, which was prepared with authentic belgium chocolate >w< isn't it cute?! my drink was a house specialty praline latte with hazelnut and almond ♥

and this is what happens after start eating it 😀 it looks like a monster with a really really big mouth!

the coaster was so pretty, i brought it home with me ♥

hiro was super happy too!

more animals on the walls!

a world of their own

a traditional storyteller on the street 🙂 he was really energetic and loud!

the sun was starting to set when i came out from the shopping street

and i entered a different shopping street~ there are a lot of cafes and coffee shops in koenji!

the sunset was so pretty…

i stumbled on to an art fair!

so many wonderful things on sale!!!

i bought a brooch from this nice lady! her brooches were all so pretty, i had a really hard time choosing just one! if i could i would buy a few more, but they’re quite pricey…

i love art fairs… i get so inspired just by looking at other people’s works…

it makes me want to start making stuff again!

and back into the streets!

the red lanterns of the restaurants start lighting up 🙂

the adorable brooch i bought ♥

time to go home 🙂 it’s been a long day!


4 Responses to "高円寺 koenji"


Ive been stalking your blog for a while now 😀

but all this while by phone so i couldnt post any comment ;(

now i finally get the chance to do so !

I LOVE YOUR BLOG. Seriously, **aside from the fact that i adore japan and its my dream to visit since i was 8, and sadly my parents+elder sis+bro have been there before i was born and my lil bro is going to japan this June for school trip and im the only one in my family who never been there huhu**

I like the way you tell the your story, the pictures, it really made me happy when i read it. =)

It made me so happy+excited reading bout where you visit, what you discover, what you bought and stuff ~

And oh, the pics you uploaded today is in a different format, LOVE IT .<

Hi! Thank you so much for dropping by and taking your time to leave such a wonderful message! It really makes my day to see that my entries are enjoyable 🙂 And thank you for your comments about the new format hahah! I fell in love with the new filter~ ^o^

Have a nice day! ❤

These photos are awesome! Oh. The art markets looks interesting! I wonder if they have it regularly!? btw. I love hattifnatt too! They have another branch in Kichijoji 🙂


❤ thank you! let's meet up again soon for cakes or something! did you go to korea for golden week?! ^o^
i'm not sure about the art markets but i guess i was lucky!

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