l'isle joyeuse

阿佐ヶ谷 asagaya

Posted on: May 3, 2010

second day of golden week! the weather’s supposed to be really good for the whole week so i’m really thankful! this means that i can go exploring >w< today i woke up a bit later than expected so i cancelled my plan to go to katsushika and went to nearer place instead : 阿佐ヶ谷 asagaya!

🙂 arrival at asagaya station!

“older” parts of tokyo are well-known for having maintained their old “shopping streets”

the cute coloured tiles on the streets

it was a sunny day, i went out wearing a thin tunic top!

this was embedded in the ground. it looked pretty impressive so i took a photo of it, but i have no idea what it’s for…

the roof was really pretty – it was a unique see-through glass type that looked like diamonds

i love shitamachi areas, they are filled with cute, quirky stuff!

the usual. reflective surfaces, my best friend

the fabric shop was calling out to me ;o;

they’ve actually kept the original buildings from the showa era and only used the lower part of the building as shops

traditional japanese toys 🙂

i love shops that sell japanese crafts!!! they’re so colourful and happy >w<

an old bakery that was kept as it was since the showa era!

an odd-looking shop hahah!

🙂 locals out for some morning shopping! it’s such a heartwarming scene to see people greeting each other and talking about what they’ve been up to, what their kids have been doing or what kind of shops they’re been visiting

after that, i stopped by a wagashi (traditional japanese confectionery) store and bought some wagashi. this was one of them… this one has been made in the image of sumire, the japanese violet

this one was super pretty too!!! made in the image of the botan (peony) *o* it was so pretty i couldn’t resist!

i thought the name of this shop was super cute! akai means “red” in japanese, by the way 🙂

i love bakeries – the warm atmosphere, the amazing fragrance, the warm fluffy bread on display in the windows… i feel like buying everything!

painted on the steel gates of a fishmonger’s!

warm weather also means more greenery in the city!

a nice looking cafe! it was full of people though, which was too bad (for me)… that’s actually me in the glass door, hahah! i took this while i was walking past ^o^

i love the colours in this one – the orange reflected at the top and bottom of this photo is actually the light from the inside of the cafe! it was quite magical when i checked how it turned out!


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