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カラフル東京 colourful tokyo

Posted on: May 2, 2010

today was the first day of golden week – probably the most anticipated time of the year for the japanese 🙂 the weather was extremely good so i told myself to go out and explore tokyo, because my remaining time here is getting shorter and shorter… but let’s not talk about something so depressing.

i decided to go to 浜松町hamamatsucho because it is considered one of the “older” parts of tokyo, and my friend at uni told me that the tokyo pokemon center was there!

there were two exits so i didn’t know which exit leads to the pokemon center, but thankfully i saw this sign 🙂

more signs!!!

this was actually a glass panel :O it’s so clean and pretty, you can’t even see that it’s a glass panel! that’s the yamanote line in the back!

after walking for about one or two minutes, i finally arrived >w<

lots of parents with their children around the entrance

all the parents waiting for their kids outside hahah

very nostalgic! i used to play with pokemon trading cards…

except now they have some weird 3d version…

the pokemon center was filled to the brim with pokemon goodness! here you have charmander‘s chicken curry XD

i was really tempted to buy this one… pokemon macaroni!

and this one…


customers who bought stuff from the center could take part in the lucky draw and as expected, i got a tissue pack… it’s really cute though, and even the tissue paper itself was printed with drawings of pokemon!

i left the pokemon center after that and started walking towards tokyo tower because i saw it in the distance and thought, why not walk there? on the way, this fire extinguisher box caught my attention 🙂 so pretty!

i finally found a reflective surface to take a photo of myself! the wind was surprisingly strong today despite the sunny weather…

the focus was off in this photo but i quite like how it turned out ❤

the flowers by the roadside were all so colourful, it seems like tokyo has come to life along with spring!

all the green reminds me of home

my usual soy latte. i was amused at the smiley on the cup XD

it took me a long time to get someone to take a photo of me lol… there was nobody around the entrance!

the jizo statues at zozoji temple

there are already koi nobori (carp streamers) being raised around tokyo in preparation for boy’s day >w< magnificient!

there were a lot of them at tokyo tower as well! so pretty – arashi colours!!! >w<

i was lucky today – the tokyo tower mascot was around so i took a photo with it >w< so cute! it looks like sweet potato, somehow…

i love the brilliant colours! spring is the season of flowers and colours 🙂

tokyo tower version of the unexpectedly-popular marimokko lol

i love this shot – it looks like the carps are swimming across the sky *o*

there was a wedding at zojoji temple – judging by the clothes of the men, the groom might be from a family of buddhist priests…

the view of shiba-rikyu koen from the south exit (entrance?) of hamamatsucho station

on my way to shinagawa to meet up with kat for tea

this is kat 😀

i had a piece of cake (i forgot to write down the name of the cake D: dang!) and italian blueberry soda

fluffy, soft layers!

a failed shot, but i think it’s not that bad 🙂

in the end we got a foreigner to take this for us ^o^

my dinner at the station before going home

an unexpectedly enriching day, despite having bought stuff again! i’m looking forward to the rest of golden week though!


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Hello , came across your your blog by accident and found it to be very nice . I am a Japan fan so I love to look at some of your photos of Tokyo. I write a food blog called lookingforthebestfood.wordpress.com Keep up the good work!!

thank you for dropping by! have a nice day!

Nice dress and pumps…. i likey!!!

tengkiu ❤

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