l'isle joyeuse

a morning stroll

Posted on: April 30, 2010

i went out for a walk this morning because i wanted to go to the central post office to get boxes to send my winter clothing home, and since the weather was really good i brought my camera along to take photos of the spring flowers! 🙂

i love the colours in this photo!!!

it’s cute that postboxes are all red all over the world

daisies by the roadside

another version of the japanese camelia


i bought 2 boxes from the post office, because they looked quite small to me… as it turns out, i could stuff more things in it than expected :O i have no perception of space… it was about 5600yen for a box that was 10.7kg ;_;

i also stopped by uniqlo before that and finally got a cardigan >w< i love the colours in uniqlo – i feel like having one item in every colour!!! i fell in love with a pair of really comfortable linen pants, but they were too long for me T_T oh short legs!

starbucks is selling the cutest bearistas ever! it seems like the destination for starbucks this year is japan, so this is a special version for 2010. i’ll get one soon!

it costs 2000yen each

after almost one week without a laptop, my new laptop has arrived! it’s so much bigger than my old one, so watching videos on it feels really awesome >w< it looks so much more professional than vista ♥ even my wallpaper looks prettier hahah! the only thing is that my display language is japanese… it’ll take some time getting used to it!

i’m looking forward to golden week! not travelling anywhere in particular but i’m planning to explore tokyo >w<


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