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花見 cherry-blossom viewing

Posted on: April 16, 2010

backlog : april 4

i went for a hanami, or cherry-blossom viewing, at 新宿御苑 shinjuku-gyoen with the malaysians on the first weekend of the month since the flowers were in full-bloom. it was supposed to be a potluck thing but… =w=;;

i made food to bring to the hanami! i love my happy yellow bento boxes ♥

hiro with his new parka! he looks so totally cute!!!

i love rice, as you can see >w<

the gang minus one person lol

>w< it was freezing and i only had a t-shirt on the inside

so beautiful! the reflection was breathtaking!

azrie looking cool

i regretted wearing my furusato t-shirt =w=; the weather forecast lied!

the sakura were in full bloom!

it got colder and colder so we escaped to starbucks! this is hiro doing the maou pose >w<

i had my normal soy latte and a sakura chiffon cupcake ♥

i saw this at takadanobaba station on the way back >w< it made my day!


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Nice site

nice picture.

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