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Posted on: April 10, 2010

today i went out to meet megan for the first time, to receive the lemony snicket and terry pratchett books 🙂

the adorable kaibutsu-kun poster at shinjuku station!

the whole place was filled with them ♥

it changes to the new arashi ni shiyagare poster after a while >w<

i met up with megan at the east entrance and we went to cafe comme ca for cakes!

it was a very nice place!

i didn’t have the chance to take photos around the cafe but the cakes were beautiful! captain, let’s come here for cakes!

i ordered the fruits tiramisu!

>w< it was really pretty ♥♥♥

red hearts

after that, we went for karaoke!!! two hours of arashi is DEFINITELY not enough :O but they wouldn’t let us extend because it’s a saturday and there were a lot of people waiting in line… we started with allergy and ended with love situation. we wanted to end with 5×10 but we couldn’t skip through our song list fast enough XD

on the way back, i realized there was actually a nino poster at takadanobaba station ♥

spring has finally arrived 🙂

the sakura tree in the backyard is in full bloom, and the ground is constantly covered in a soft carpet of pink 🙂

the books i received from megan ♥ thank you SO much! i finally have books to read now! the problem now, would be how to bring them all back…


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hoho~ yayyy I love Terry Pratchett too he’s super fun to read!!!! ^_^

hey sorry just a quick question for you!

was wondering this for something already will the shinjuku yamanote 7 god tours be available when i come to japan in may???? or it is available during jan?

haha i really want to collect those small figuring!


if you go to the shrines they should still have the figurines on sale 🙂 you have to get the boat from bishamonten first though.

oh thank you so much!!! for your reply! =)

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