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a new beginning

Posted on: April 9, 2010

the new spring semester has started and what better way to start it than with some arashi love!!! i went to collect my 5×10 dvd after i finished my classes on the first day!

finally… after 4 months of waiting!!!

>w< it's a strange feeling

the poster that comes with the dvd. i would have preferred a booklet ;_;

i have too much to talk about the concert but i shall spare my normal readers the spazzing and fangirling so i’ll just list down the reasons why i think dome > kokuritsu XD (of course, kokuritsu is epic fun and there are lots of awesome moments but…)

– no acappella kansha kangeki ame arashi for opening
aibachan‘s solo had more impact in dome… explosions + popup stage entrance, anyone?
– no ohmiya in hitomi no naka no galaxy
– actually, no ohmiya throughout the whole concert…
– no balloons in kumori nochi, kaisei
– no dancing in truth
– no crack fun in fight song
– no boku ga boku no subete!!
– audience weren’t as pumped up during attack it!!

… okay to be fair, the dvd had lots of surprises that i was totally not expecting so it’s still fun to watch >w< i was NOT expecting that thing that happened during pika☆nchi in the medley XD if you’ve watched the dvd you’ll know what i’m talking about. fireworks were pretty impressive too!!! *o* believe was really awesome, what with all the overhead shots…

i’m really glad i went ♥


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