l'isle joyeuse

easter love

Posted on: April 5, 2010

happy easter everyone! it’s late by one day, but i’ve received adorable easter love from the land down under from bec!!!

i ♥ mail!

thank you so much! >w< hiro is pleased too!

i don’t have the heart to eat the rabbit TwT

hahah the card was funny too XD

🙂 i ate one of the carrot chocolate sticks!

i’m watching hana yori dango reruns on the tv now and have once again realized how big of a factor it plays in helping the spread of arashi love… jun is my least favourite member but i must admit he was really good in hanadan ‘o’ i am quite fond of the awkward and clumsy, yet hopelessly romantic and shy character of doumyouji


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