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井の頭公園 inokashira park

Posted on: April 2, 2010

backlog : march 30

at toyama campus, right across the street from saizeriya

waseda –> [tozai line] –> kichijouji

the weather was really good! the skies were really clear too, and on the way there i could see mount fuji in the distance quite clearly from inside the train! i wanted to take a photo but the train was moving fast and buildings got in the way… it was really breathtakingly beautiful though!!!

since i’ve been in mitaka before, i decided to get off at 吉祥寺 kichijouji and walk to the park since the weather was really good!

so cute!

to the park!!

kichijouji, home to quirky, unique little shops and cafes

most of the trees were not in full bloom yet ;_; but this was the only one that was visibly more in bloom…

happy colours suitable for spring

dango heated up over hot coal >w<

a common sight at hanami spots – young people who most probably lost at janken and was given the job of making sure they have a good picnic spot by coming to the park really early in the morning in the freezing cold…

dogs have plenty of fun in spring too!

another one of the poor boys waiting for their friends in the cold hahah!

and another one… they should all be friends hahah XD

the other end of the park!

ah, modern kids… too absorbed in his game to even notice the beauty around him =w=

it was quite cold despite the sunny weather!

as you can see by looking at another one of the poor souls waiting for their friends hahaha!

some of them actually gave up and tried sleeping instead XD i am amused by them!

a lot of families were out having picnics with their children as well, even though the cherry blossoms were not all in bloom yet!

another poor guy 😀 i’m amused by the miffy blanket he has over his legs

there were a lot of preschool teachers out with children on morning walks as well!

the path leading towards the park is really colourful, with bright murals and paintings

cute shops!

and cute cafes!

hoping to go again this weekend with the malaysians for hanami!!!


4 Responses to "井の頭公園 inokashira park"

Oh! Inokashikara park! A lovely place yah! Haven’t been there for some time… anyway, have fun hanami-ing this weekend!

well it depends on whether my friends wants to go :p

Aww such beautiful scenery ;A; I really like the boat photo you took, it feels so serene ♥

Thanks ♥ keep on posting! )

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