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目黒寄生虫館 meguro parasitological museum

Posted on: March 28, 2010

🙂 i love my wooden apple necklace from osaka!!!

i went to the 目黒寄生虫館 meguro parasitological museum today with tsu 😀 it was a windy day out so it was really lucky that i decided not to go out in kimono! i actually had almost everything on already but in the end i decided not to and took everything off hahah!

note : if you are squeamish about worms and stuff i think it would be wiser to skip this entry hahah!!! i’ve tried to put in as little as i can but then it looked a bit boring so… :p

meguro shinbashi on the way to the museum

the cherry blossoms are starting to bloom!!! it should be in full bloom next week >w< i'm looking forward to it!

:O hard donuts. i like my donuts soft and fluffy…

the building is not red, captain!!! *smacks fondly*

hiro doesn’t like worms, to tell the truth…

i thought there wouldn’t be a lot of people but i was wrong…

they’re all lined up neatly in glass bottles

this is actually in our body. i am weirded out yet amused at the same time ‘_’

there were a lot of couples. a parasitological museum is a pretty odd choice for a dating spot >w<

hookworms. how are male and female worms different?! o_o;;

the pride and joy of the museum : a tapeworm from some guy who loves eating sushi that measures 8.8 METRES, which is INSANELY LONG.

a close-up of the tapeworm. why does it not look like a worm at all! it looks like some kind of expensive paper ribbon D:

it’s really really long… i am kind of impressed by it XD

we arrived around 4pm (it closes at 5pm) so most people were leaving

the old crusty research papers on parasites :p

on the way back to the station, we went in to 大鳥神社 ootori shrine to have a look.

hello 😀 i finally found a bright yellow parka ♥

on the way back

i hope the weather will be good next week! it will all be in full bloom then!

for captain ♥ ♥ ♥


10 Responses to "目黒寄生虫館 meguro parasitological museum"

😦 sorry it looked red to me when i was there in the rain…

signs in blue and yellow…


what sushi has to do with tapeworm?

no idea… maybe because a lot of it is raw?

no really la… but to think ‘that’ was inside people…. XO

Eeee cacing~

you geli with cacing ke? :p

Not really la. But to think ‘those’ gets inside of people… XO

Good GOD.
Thats it. No more salmon sushi from Tesco. D:
*Gets mom pom to buy Zentel anti worm meds*

i cannot resist tuna sashimi T_T

Awwwww~ ^^ you are so cutie in this yellow parka ♥
Great photos ) Thanks!

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