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大阪 osaka

Posted on: March 24, 2010

finally, i’ve gotten off my lazy butt to finish the last part of my travelog from my kansai trip hahah!!!

you know you’re in osaka when you start seeing biliken around you

osaka, where the old shitamachi (downtown) spirit lingers on

i need to try pufferfish sashimi the next time i go to osaka

😀 osaka castle on the manhole covers

osaka, the land of weird, quirky novelty souvenirs

one of the seedier looking alleys in shinsekai

hiro with crusty old tsuutenkaku tower

comparison of my feet with biliken‘s

knitted yarn biliken o_o;;

then we headed off to good old daruma for some mouth-watering kushikatsu

the guy who was cooking in front of us

japanese liquor, anyone? there were people already half-drunk at 12pm lol!

osaka‘s famous local specialty – kushikatsu

the ukiyo-e gallery at hozenji alley… so nostalgic!

vibrant colors

hahah! the glasses look odd on me (which is how it’s supposed to be) but on azrie they look like his normal glasses lmao XD

glico man!!!

this sign was very amusing to me lol

people lining up to enter the store for a sale. osaka people love cheap bargains

musk melon icecream tastes wonderful

>w< so happy!

an unexpected find!!! an idol shop in the depths of namba!!! *O* i went in, lured by the arashi posters… but was bombarded with wall to wall of kanjani8 photos hahah

after that we went to my host family’s place for dinner >w<

i miss okaasan’s cooking!!! *o*

we had sakura mochi with matcha after dinner

after that, they sent us to the train station by car >w< i also took a bath before leaving, to warm myself up.

and that was our exhausting trip in kyoto and osaka hahah!


2 Responses to "大阪 osaka"

Azrie looks like a girl haha! 😀

he looks like nana XD he looks much better now though

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