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慶応+六本木 keio + roppongi

Posted on: March 23, 2010

yesterday, i went to keio university‘s mita campus with mk! the weather was really good!

you could see tokyo tower from the main road in front of the university!

keio gives off a more traditional “english” atmosphere compared to waseda

the cherry blossoms have all but scattered due to the strong winds lately 😦


even the manhole covers have the keio logo on them O_o;

after that, we headed off to roponggi for a designer’s exhibition

it was a public holiday so there were a lot of people at roponggi hills. some of the sakura trees are in bloom too!

there was a promotional event of sorts for etihad airlines and there were some cute girls in really pretty furisode as well!

the cherry blossoms were really pretty! not exactly in full bloom but still very pretty!

we walked to tokyo midtown after that >w< this is the special giant strawberry shortcake made to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of tokyo midtown.

a cute toy poodle waiting for its master outside starbucks

the designer’s exhibition on the 5th floor

… there was nobody there when we went hahah

written on a typical shopping bag of a hong kong old lady, as seen in movies and dramas :p

can you see what it is? i only realized what it was when we stepped back to look at the whole piece from afar hahah =w=;;

it was refreshing to be in a quiet place for once

the wagashi (traditional japanese confectionery) display at tora-ya

edible works of art

they’re less pricey than i expected…

tokyo midtown reminds me of the gardens 😀

and that was our day out in tamachi and roponggi!


2 Responses to "慶応+六本木 keio + roppongi"

just curious, can anyone from the public just go into the Mita campus compound when the doors are open ?

is there anything else interesting at vicinity of Tamachi station ?

the Tokyo Tower may look very near from that east exit door (actually it’s theoretically just 1 main round ahead) … but trust me it’s pretty far if you are walking !

lastly, the 1st sakura pic in this post is one of the best i’ve seen in a long time … well done. this pic -> https://plueonigiri.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/dscn5973.jpg?w=480

i’m not sure but the guards didn’t as much flinch hahah… waseda is open to anyone, by the way 🙂

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