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マイガールの世界展 my girl’s exhibition

Posted on: March 19, 2010

today i went for the my girl exhibition at roponggi, which was held in celebration of the official release of the dvd box ♥ it comes with a special hand towel that i really want, but the dvd box is too expensive for me 😦

i am way too easily amused

people lining up to go in – they were controlling the crowd so it wouldn’t be too packed inside, and to make sure that everyone had the chance to take a good look at everything

there were quite a lot of families, with both parents and kids 🙂 i’m glad to see more than just arashi fangirls! it will probably be packed to the brim tomorrow since it’s a saturday…

i like the overall presentation – very simple and very sweet

view from the entrance

they had one panel for each episode, with a brief summary of what happens and 4 photos from the episode

they had a replica of the sakura tree at masamune-kun‘s school >w<

hiro went along with mummy because he is a koharu fan 😀

besides that, they also had various key items on display : the drama scripts, masamune-kun‘s camera, koharu-chan‘s lucky charm, her hair accessories, masamune-kun‘s outfits, koharu-chan‘s pajamas >w< i wish i could take photos of the items on display! and i knew aiba-chan was tall, but i’ve only realized today exactly how TALL he is when i was looking at his outfits hahah! (and big shoes too!)

masamune-kun‘s bike, with the child seat attached

other key items that was near the photo-taking spot, so i managed to get some photos >w<

koharu-chan‘s cape and the symbolic red-and-white muffler scarf!

koharu-chan‘s shoes, boots and bags

the postbox by the riverbank and koharu-chan’s string telephone!

i was hoping that they would restock the handphone straps but sadly, they only had clear files left 😦 i quite like the mug too… oh well! i bought the clear file anyway =w=;;

hiro with the huge doraemon at the tv asahi souvenir shop

the miniature tokyo tower in the lobby

upclose at the sparkly dangly stuff 😀

on the way to azabu juban station, i spotted this! i wonder how it tastes like…

a nostalgic name for me! as long as i can remember, azabu juban is where sailormoon lives :p

so cute!

even the patrol cars here are cute hahah! so tiny!

wrong kanji but at least it still reads ohmiya :p

my lunch 🙂

troublemaker photos were up at the shop today. the damage is done. i am heartbroken over the lack of my otp 😦 johnny’s, what were you thinking?!


3 Responses to "マイガールの世界展 my girl’s exhibition"

Looks like you’re enjoying your Spring holiday 🙂 btw. I’ve been to the Singapore restaurant! The food is quite good 😮

What do they serve? 🙂 Hainanese chicken rice???

Let’s makan again ne ❤

Aaaa ha ha)) kawaii patrool cars XD /// love it ♥

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