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京都 kyoto

Posted on: March 17, 2010

i’ve been putting this off for way too long hahah! it’s difficult trying to narrow down the amount of photos to use in my blog =w= but here you go, the first day in kyoto! we took the night bus from shinjuku and arrived in kyoto the next morning. it was actually snowing the night we left so it was a good thing i decided not to bring along the suitcase or it would have been soaked >w<

breakfast at the only place open at 7 in the morning – starbucks! a donut and hot soy latte for me =w=

we dropped off our luggage at the hotel and because we could only check-in at 3pm, we decided to explore first, even though it was drizzling… it was colder than tokyo!!

🙂 my passport is useful

first stop : 金閣寺 kinkakuji, the golden pavillion

next stop : 二条城 nijo castle. it’s pricey 😦 600円 per entry… but the inside was really pretty *O* the paintings on the walls, ceilings and sliding doors are breathtaking! i want to live there and spend my day sitting around in luxurious silk kimono

it stopped raining for a bit when we were here

i was glad the sun came out because i could finally take this photo!

it’s been a while since i’ve seen blue skies! all my kyoto photos were really gloomy… overcast skies and dark clouds!

we made full use of the town busses! i think it was probably the most i’ve ever been on a bus in a single day :p

contrasts. outsiders and locals. and dark skies hahah!

katsudon for lunch

third stop : 清水寺 kiyomizu-dera. coming to all these places reminds me of my beloved nehs!

more dark skies. but at least it stopped raining.

10 points to anyone who knew the real reason why i took this photo! >w<

yes i do!

we went to 祇園 gion after checking in… it was REALLY cold by then!!!

fourth stop : 八坂神社 yasaka jinja.

the lanterns were all lit up, with all the geisha and maiko‘s names painted on them >w<

the gion crest/emblem on the lanterns in gion advertising the annual 祇園をどり gion odori – three circles connected on a vertical line!

being a wednesday night, gion was really quiet!

i want to live in kyoto!

our awesome dinner!!! we found this place by chance after receiving a flyer on the streets >w< kyoto vegetables in my sukiyaki!!! it came with rice as well – extra helpings are free of charge 🙂

on the way back to the hotel. i fell down the stairs trying to take a photo of the posters hahah!!! so embarassing…

the next day, we went to 伏見稲荷大社 fushimi inari shrine! i wanted to go all the way up because i was expecting something up there…

took the train there after leaving out bags in a coin locker at the train station

^o^ i can’t get enough of this place!

at the purification fountain. for foreigners who might take it as a drinking fountain :O

the view from halfway up the mountain 🙂

the top! you can see all the moss >w<

i was so disappointed when we reached the top T_T

the only thing up there is another shrine not unlike all the other shrines on the way up…

so we went back down again hahah!

at least it was warm! i was sweating! it was good exercise but was really tough =w=;; shows how unfit i am!

i thought it would be cold so i brought two parkas, but my fears were unfounded -_-;; it was really hot!!!

>w< hi!

and from here, allow me to fangirl XD i couldn't help it!!! it was right in front of my face so i couldn't ignore it :p

this one was really unexpected >w<

it’s a bit sad that i couldn’t complete the whole set ;w;

we wanted to go to arashiyama as well initially but there wasn’t much time left so we left kyoto after leaving fushimi inari.

next stop : osaka!!!


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the Red Tunnel in the photos is soooo cool//

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