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すてきな出会い a wonderful meeting

Posted on: March 7, 2010

today i went to meet mk, a fellow malaysian who’s living in tokyo!! it was completely by chance – my blog apparantly popped up in her feed and she was curious so she clicked on it and then i received an email from her

we had lunch together! thank you so much for the treat ♥ >w< ごちそうさまでした!!!

super delicious!

spotted a prayer plate written by xabungle‘s katou at bishamonten!

after lunch, we went to veloce for some drinks 🙂

green tea latte for mk

iced mocha latte for me

it was really fun, talking to her! >w< the first ever malaysian friend i've met here in japan after almost half a year!!! we talked about a lot of things, and even took purikura ♥ she’s super nice – she even offered to give me her graduation hakama *o* 本当に、ありがとうございま~す!!! m(_ _)m

it was raining when i was walking back to my dorm >w<

my red umbrella broke so i’m using the one bec gave me… i want to buy a new umbrella!

mk gave me a cute notebook that she designed!!!

thank you so much!!! i like it a lot >w< i don't have the heart to use it ;w;


3 Responses to "すてきな出会い a wonderful meeting"

plum blossoms でしょう?

the landlady said it was sakura though…

lol hontou?

doesnt sakura bloom in clusters on stems growing out of e branch though? plum blossoms bloom in rows, straight from the branch, like this tree..

but if its a sakura, it really resembles plum biologically. (not sure need to read up lol)

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