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上野動物園 ueno zoo

Posted on: February 27, 2010

the weather was really good on thursday so i finally went to ueno zoo! 🙂

and since it was warmer than usual, i went out in kimono!

hiro in front of ueno zoo!

entrance fee of 600円 for adults. the picture on each ticket is random… i wanted one with a red panda…

like this!

so adorable!!!

hiro likes zoos! the date changes everyday, as you can see

i love the idea they had here – this water tank is connected to the otter’s enclosure and visitors can have the chance to look at them upclose. it’s too bad though, that they were sleeping when i was there hahah!

lots of kids at the zoo

eyelashes that vivi would die for!

footprints that leads the visitors to different animal enclosures! this one leads to the tiger’s den

i like the blurry effect of this shot!

a clear shot after almost a dozen tries hahah

lots of families too! i wonder if the parents don’t have to work… it was a normal weekday after all…

polar bear 🙂 i like how they sit down all hunched over, and when you look at them they look like a triangle XD

prayers and messages for the giant panda that passed away due to heart failure

japanese monkeys!

the other side of the zoo 🙂 the west and east gardens are connected by a bridge, but you can also take the monorail. it costs 150円 but you can actually just walk to the other side hahah! it barely takes 5 minutes!

lots of preschool kids on field trips too! i don’t envy the teachers who have to keep 50+ kids under control in a place filled with animals..

the lake 🙂

BABY HIPPO *O* he looks just like hiro!!! >w< so cute!!!

photo of hiro with real hippos hahah 😀 too bad they’re sleeping!

i had a random guy take this for me ^o^

ueno toshogu shrine!

hanazono inari shrine! i’ve been visiting lots of inari shrines lately huh…

since the weather turned warmer, some sakura trees are actually in bloom!

plum blossoms

really pretty blowing in the wind

scattered petals on the ground

one of the trees in (almost) full bloom!!! really pretty!

the famous statue of saigo takamori =w=

kiyomizu kannon-do temple

the bright blue sky 🙂 the weather was really good! and now it’s gonna rain for the next few days…

i ballotted for a ticket to aibachan‘s stageplay today as well… crossing my fingers! >w<


3 Responses to "上野動物園 ueno zoo"

You take such amazing pictures!! I can’t wait to go to Ueno Zoo; it looks like fun. 😀

thank you! ^o^ it’s a fun place!

me like the eyelashes! the owl looks so cute! 🙂 wise and cute!! AWESOME!!

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