l'isle joyeuse

love from the land down under

Posted on: February 23, 2010

i came back from exploring yesterday to find that the package bec sent has finally arrived!!!

the moment i popped it open, there was a really nice smell >w<

everything in the box was lovingly wrapped separately in pink bubblewrap!

with a cute letter

all the love i got from the land down under!!! tim tams, chocolates, scented soap, lip balm and the dream a-live caterpillar that she made herself ♥♥♥ i feel so loved! thank you so much bec!

hiro with his new friend

hiro is happy!!! i am happy too!!! look forward to my next package!


2 Responses to "love from the land down under"

i feel really embarrassed now
you know my craft skills are the same level as sho’s art skills
you dont have to show (ha ha) the world!

but i am glad you liked it ^^

don’t be embarrassed!
it’s the best present ever!!! >w< i love it!

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