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言葉よりも大切なものここにはあるから something more important than words is right here

Posted on: February 18, 2010

i finally made my way outdoors yesterday after almost 2 weeks of hibernation! the weather was really horrid lately and it kept raining and snowing randomly so i couldn’t actually go anywhere. that, and my sleep cycle became a mess hahah >w< i made my way to 戸越公園 togoshikoen, the main backdrop for the drama stand up!! was filmed, as well as where the pv for 言葉より大切なもの kotoba yori taisetsu na mono was filmed!!!

nishiwaseda –> [fukutoshin line] –> shibuya –> [toyoko line] –> jiyuugaoka –> [omachi line] –> togoshikoen

there is a funny story behind this photo. i was in the train on the way to jiyuugaoka to change trains to go togoshikoen, and i was actually nodding off while listening to music. when the train stopped at one of the smaller stations on the way, i did a double take and ran off the train. to take a photo of this crazy huge ohchan poster *O* after that, i waited another 5 minutes for the next train =w= (i tried to take a photo of myself with the poster but it wouldn’t fit, that’s how big it was)

changing trains at jiyuugaoka. i’ll come back to explore some other day. this was where tomoe, the school featured in totto-chan was located at!

on the train >w<

arrival at togoshikoen! this shot was in the opening sequence of the stand up!! drama *o*

>w< yay! one of the shops included in the pv. i couldn't very well take a photo of myself in front of the shop so hiro came in handy hahah

i found the police box on the street corner so cuuuute >w<

i quite like how this turned out!

an important place for the characters in the drama. to clap or not to clap?

shou-chan‘s home ^^ nino‘s character, shouhei, belongs to a family that runs a pharmacy. it’s not a pharmacy anymore, but everything else was left the way it was!

including the narrow alley where shou-chan tried to escape from home in search of his “adventure” hahah!

window to his room hahah

random photo on the entrance of a (closed) restaurant

another shop featured in the pv. i spent money here hahah 😀 bought some kimono stuff

happy meals in japan comes with cute yatterman toys

meat shop where ohchan was singing lol

i took this when i was walking across the railroad

another funny story hahah! i was looking around everytime the train stopped to see if there was a solo one of aiba-chan since there was one of ohchan on the way, but to no avail. so i took the rapid train on the way back, which would be faster than the local train, but… then i saw this and jumped off the train at naka-meguro (nino’s old place! hahah i am such a stalker), took this photo, and then waited for the next local train back to shibuya… obssessed? no, i just have a lot of time on my hands. trips here in japan always take shorter time compared to what i would expect, why is that? is it because the trains are all so awesome?

hiro with the (in)famous moyai statue in shibuya =w=

one of the busiest – if not the most – starbucks in the world, overlooking the famous shibuya scramble crossing

hiro with hachiko! i wish i could remove that ugly band around him >o< it's spoiling my photo!

i should have double-checked the pv before going there =w= oh well. i'll go back again in summer with bec so we can take retarded photos in front of each shop hahah!!! plus i forgot to take photos of the barber shop and the soba place so… and it would be summer so at least our clothes would fit the scenario >w<

kotoba yori taisetsu na mono pv [arashi]


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