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土曜日のお散歩 saturday walk

Posted on: February 6, 2010

today, even though it was reported to be really cold today, i thought i should probably start making use of my spring break, and went out today on a walk >w< looking through my lonelyplanet, i remembered that i haven’t actually been to 靖国神社 yasukuni shrine, so i took the train to 市谷 ichigaya!

random flowers on the roadside

they were lilies!

法政大学 hosei university against the blue, blue sky

the wind was really strong after i got off the train! i THINK this is the 神田川 kanda river (not too sure since everything flows into everything here lol)

the sun was out but it was so cold… and windy! i couldn’t walk properly because the wind was pushing me back and i actually had to hold on to a lamp post so i wouldn’t fall over lol i bet i looked like some evil spirit because of my hair

i love taking meaningless photos like these

i’m so happy this turned out so well! ♥

hiro arriving at yasukuni shrine!

the main inner shrine. you can still see hosei university in the background lol

there was snow on the ground. i wonder if it snowed here the previous night?

another shot at the main hall

close-up of the snow! it looks just like ais kacang =w=

yay! the wind was messing up my hair real bad hahah!

somehow the sky seems limitless…

when you walk further down, this is what you see – the huge stone torii gate

it was still fairly early (earlier than i expected, actually) so i decided to walk around a bit :3 i ended up at 九段 kudan after a while, after walking past the 武道館 budoukan

the letter K reminds me of many wonderful things – kevin, kagurazaka and of course, kazunari

shochan poster at able! ♥

i love the reflections on the buildings. why are japanese buildings so shiny?!

this was really random, a shrine-like thing at a cross junction hahah

>w< ♥ what other countries have names like this on their highway signboards hahah! i love japan! ♥

another huge poster of shochan spotted, this time in kagurazaka!

my heart did a little skip-hop-jump at this but as i was getting off the train, i couldn’t get a clearer photo of it >w<

the shrine near my dorm, all new and sparkly

the police box at the corner beside the shrine. number of deaths and casualties from today’s traffic accidents ‘_’

i saw the plum blossoms at someone’s house starting to bloom!!!

the evil patisserie around the corner that tempts me with the awesome smell and sights everytime i walk past 😦

i also received the 5×10 charm from nagoya that i traded with someone on lj in the mail today! it’s super pretty!!! ♥♥♥


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