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face to face, after four years

Posted on: February 2, 2010

today i finally met jamie face to face, after our first “meeting” online four years (or more?) ago! we met through our common love for tenimyu, golden pair and nagayan. but to be honest, i still can’t remember the exact way we met =w= we met up at harajuku!

the view from my window this morning when i woke up

saw this at daiso :3

this one as well hahah!

purikura at my favourite place!

>w< i wore my AAA+ in dome shirt ♥♥♥

went to have lunch at ootoya *O* maguro don!!! i wish i can eat this every day! but i haven’t seen any places with this on the menu around my dorm 😦

a lot of snow left at harajuku >w< kind of dirty by now though

selfshot!!! i really like this photo!!!

^o^ it’s not as crowded today because it’s a weekday

more snow!

we saw this little guy on the way to takeshita st. without any eyes, and when we walked past it again after lunch, someone had added eyes and mouth with avacado skin, and a chestnut nose >w< we added hands, then took photos! everyone who walked past were saying how cute it was and taking photos of it! i wonder who made it 🙂

a close-up of the face >w< so cute!


i wanted to take a photo of shochan as well but i had the focus all wrong… i thought the trees reflected on the cellphones were really pretty though!

lol a nice matsujun corner at the kose cosmetics booth, complete with the cm looping on the lcd screen

the zara building is pretty 🙂

one last shot before we parted ways! >w< it was so nice to finally meet you, jamie!

i bought a few necklaces as well *O* so pretty! i want to go out again tomorrow, so i hope it won’t be too cold! when it’s too cold i feel like hiding in my futon all day long hahah!


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