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よこはま物語 yokohama story

Posted on: February 2, 2010

went to 横浜 yokohama with angel on saturday!!! ♥♥♥

yokohama、the capital city of kanagawa prefecture. japan‘s largest incorporated city, with a total foreign population of nearly 75,000 people.

tokujou kabachi!

only in japan can you find the most mind-boggling things : wasabi, cheesecake and soysauce flavoured kit kat!!!

on the way to the ramen museum

hi there =D

we’ve finally arrived at the yokohama ramen museum!!!

the basement area, which is practically ramen heaven!

i was really looking forward to this!

this uncle was super awesome! he has a reaaaaaally loud voice >w< we got free chocolate from him, and when i told him i'm an arashi fan, he went “ARASHI!!” then he asked me who i like best, to which i replied “nino…” and he immediately screamed “NINOMIYA!!” at me XD

he recommended us to this shop, which was really popular and had the longest queue among all the other shops! we got a free snack with a limited edition flavour that tastes like the ramen of that particular shop’s :3


i got the nice uncle to write a message for me! “please come to eat ramen again. i’ll be waiting!”

after that, we went to the yokohama doll museum, which was a few minutes’ walk from the chuukagai station! we got in for free because only the first floor was open to visitors >w<

probably the most important doll in the museum, and my favourite doll in the museum ♥ this doll was made according to the “red shoes” legend of yokohama.

the first floor exhibit

it’s now genetically programmed in my brain. i can’t help it anymore!

another doll i really like! *O* a lot of people find dolls like these creepy but i really like them!

rika-chan, japan‘s answer to barbie. i prefer her to barbie! she looks super cute!

clamshell art! japanese bunnies painted in exquisite detail

chinatown! ♥

hiro at chinatown!

chinatown looks and smells like home! all the food, the red and gold lanterns, the hustle and bustle.

we went for an all-you-can-eat at a random chinese restaurant! ♥ *O*

after eating, we took the train back to minatomirai! this looks somewhat creepy to me…

recently i’ve been running out of poses and have since resorted to the aiba-chan pose… but i can never make it look as cute as him =w=

my first time seeing this! a map for the visually-impaired!!!

a close-up. the all-important “you are here.”

yokohama at night is pretty!

^o^ it was nice and cold too~♥

self-timer shot! we had to do it 3 times before we got this hahah!

as we walked closer, we could see the river too

whee! it’s 5:54pm but it’s pitch black!

we went on the roller-coaster as well, which was expensive for a really short ride. the wind felt really good though!

the queue was too long so we’re gonna go again some other day

one more photo before we leave!!!

and! an unexpected find in yokohama! i found this gem in the souvenir shop at the doll museum >w< yokohama limited edition slyvanian families set!!! ♥


7 Responses to "よこはま物語 yokohama story"

D8 OMG SO NICE *shakes fist*

you also went what!
maa kondo issho ni ikou ka

haha. that jiji so cute =D so friendly~~
ahhhHHHhh~~~ YUZU~~~~~ T__________T

YUZU *O* i really want to go for their concert!
yeah that jiji very cute >w< hahah! super nice to us!

I miss Yokohama! It’s too bad I wasn’t able to explore Yokohama as much, because I visited more places in Tokyo. I only saw glimpses of Chinatown, which is a shame because the hotel I stayed in was near that area!

Cosmoworld is soo pretty at night! My friends chickened out on the ferris wheel because it was cold, but I really wanted to try it! One of my plans if I get a chance to go back to Japan was to try the 3 ferris wheels I saw when I was there – Cosmoworld in Yokohama, the one in Odaiba, and the one in Tokyo Dome City. 🙂

Thanks for sharing your pics. 🙂

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