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初雪 first snow

Posted on: February 1, 2010

it snowed! *O* i finally saw snow for the first time, with my very own eyes >w<

got an email from angel telling me to look out my window, because it’s snowing! i couldn’t see it at first because it was raining at the same time, but after about 10 minutes it started snowing really heavily!

i went out to buy midnight snacks to eat while watching shukudai-kun later

the “snow” mode on my camera works quite well! my first time using it hahah

the cars parked around my area are all covered with snow >w<

^o^ it was really cold!

all the cars were so cute, running with snow piled on top of them hahah

the roof outside my window when i returned back to my room. i’m hoping there’ll be more snow tomorrow!


1 Response to "初雪 first snow"

snow is really pretty..especially in Japan
i wish to see one too

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