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嵐さんの次男の誕生日 birthday of the second son in arashi

Posted on: January 25, 2010

today marks the day 櫻井翔 sakurai sho from arashi turns 28!
happy birthday sho-chan!!!

you took the longest to earn a place in my heart, and now that you’re here, i can’t imagine how i ever thought you were boring! i love the gap between your “intelligent, clear-headed newscaster who graduated from keio university” image, and your “cowardly, athletically-challenged boke” image! and who can ever forget your drawings?! >w< every time i look at them i feel all happy inside hahah! a lot of people might say that they can't really catch what you're saying when you rap, but i am in love with your rap in still…, subarashiki sekai and of course, 5×10. your voice might not be the best in arashi, but your responsible, gentle and caring way of taking care of the members ensures the group stay in line.

banana cake :3 raspberries remind me of sho-chan!

the prince of arashi, with a dazzling smile and perfect manners!

continue being the lovable and dorky, slightly prone to bullying, elder brother of arashi!


4 Responses to "嵐さんの次男の誕生日 birthday of the second son in arashi"

otanjoubi omedetou, sho-chan!!!!! :DDDD

i just finished reading your post about the anniversay concert and MAN i wish i could’ve gone!!!!!! it sounds too amazing to be true!!!! but sadly i live hours away in USA );

sho-chan will always remain the dorky, athletically challenged, often picked-on boke of the group 🙂

omedetou! <3<3<3

lol happy birthday!! i think he’s cute ^^

❤ he is! hahah… i should show you his drawings… you'll definitely laugh!

tanjoubi omedetou sho-chan…
i’m cursing myself for forgotten his birthday…i thought it’ll be on 27th…how silly i am…even he is my ichiban in Arashi….
btw,you have his drawing?real or what?

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