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bakuteh in japan

Posted on: January 24, 2010

i tried cooking bakuteh for dinner just now >w< thanks to the herbs from my beloved nehs that i received in the box of love a few months ago, it was easy… just a matter of buying the raw ingredients! i went to the supermarket twice because i forgot to get the garlic 😦 why? because :

a) i didn’t think it would actually be necessary, until neh pointed out that it’s a must-have in bakuteh (i still can’t taste it though, neh!)
b) i was not sure how garlic looks like =w= i’ve always thought it was called an onion! it looks like one! *defensive mode*
c) i couldn’t remember the japanese name for garlic… (it’s ninniku by the way -w-)

by the way, garlic is expensive in japan. i feel betrayed, paying 298円 for ONE garlic. that’s almost RM12 for ONE measly garlic! why is this!? do the japanese not use garlic in their cooking?! *kicks the nearest non-existant(1) trashcan*

before i started. you can see the retardedly expensive garlic, all nicely packed plastic

waited for it to cook for 30 minutes…

ta-da! not bad for a first-timer

i miss original klang bakuteh! but i think something is wrong with my body now haha, it’s reacting badly to the food. probably due to the extreme shock of chinese herbs after more than 3 months of light japanese food =w= i wonder what will happen if i eat nasi lemak now…

note : (1) japan has no trashcans on the streets. ever.


4 Responses to "bakuteh in japan"

LOL at the expensive garlic! XD

rite? i was also telling elaine, that with RM12, you can buy garlic here and eat until puke…hahah! but its okay…its japan…what to do?

If you buy made in China garlic you can get 3 biji at 100 yen shops. I used to buy vegetables at Shin Okubo though.

wahahahaha!! lols at expensive garlic!! XD

but not baad huh… うまそう!!

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